Special Education

Ray LockeRay Locke is the Director of Special Education, Mr. Locke oversees department budget and staffing, referrals and placements for students, as well as special education assessment and all Special Education records. He also oversees Early Intervention and Child Find, State/Federal reports and Individual Education Plans (IEP) for all of our students.

Contact Ray Locke: Phone 248/586-8693 | email rlocke@ferndaleschools.org
Staff: Sheila Picard - Secretary


General Information:

Concerned about your 0-5 year old child's development? Is your 0-5 year old child presenting developmental problems, such as speech, motor skills, social skills & learning? Programs are available to assist you and your child. Give the Special Education Office a call: 248/586-8693.

Special Education Oveview: Presented February 2013

2013 Authorization and Health Form

School District's Process for Determining a Specific Learning Disability

Ferndale Schools Special Education Parent Guide

Resources & Events:

Ferndale Friends of Different Learners 2013-2014 Membership Form

OU Cares: Fall 2013 Recreational Programs (Oakland University's Center for Autism)

December's updates for Getting My Own Address (GMOA)

"The Happening" Oakland County Citizens' Advisory Committee's Newsletter (Dec./Jan.)

Ferndale Friends of Different Learners: Introducing an organization for parents, caregivers, teachers, and friends of all different learners.

The Oakland Schools Department of Special Education| Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education, by Oakland Schools

Special Education Informal Dispute Resolution Processes Brochure

2013 Community Resource Guide. Early On Oakland. A guide to finding the right resources to match a child's and family's needs.

Informal Dispute Resolution Process Letter

Special Education Staff:

Resource Room (Click for Email)
J. Berris, FHS
M. Hand, FHS
G. Souldourian, FHS
M. Huff, FMS
A. Marentis, Coolidge
M. Doherty, FMS
B. Miller, Coolidge
S. Adamson, JFK
A. Ceglarek, Roosevelt
District Programs (Click for Email)
S. Struzik, Post High School
N. Kata, MICI, FHS
T. Yacks, MICI, FMS
M. Bresson, MICI, JFK
F. George, TRAX Program, Roosevelt/Coolidge

H. Williams, ASD, JFK

K. Kuehn, ECSE, Grant
K. Bloch, Early Intervention, Home Program

School Social Workers (Click for Email)

A. Kelly, FMS/FHS
T. Colbert, Roosevelt
M. Hall, JFK
Speech Pathologists (Click for Email)
T. Dahmer, Grant
A. Malis, JFK
R. Parkett, Roosevelt
G. Iaquinto, Coolidge, FHS, FMS
Support Staff (Click for Email)
P. Cardelli, Transition Coordinator, Teacher Consultant, FMS, FHS
K.C. Hammerle, Occupational Therapy, Grant, Roosevelt, Coolidge, FMS, FHS
P. Debien, Occupational Therapy, JFK
M. Kopmeyer, Physical Therapy, District
A. Shaw, Psychologist, District
A. Sherman, Psychologist, Coolidge, Grant



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