2011-12 Board of Education

Board of Education Responsibilities

As trustees of the Ferndale School District, we are responsible for setting educational policies consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. As representatives of the electorate, we attempt to provide programs designed to meet the educational objectives of the community. In addition, we are responsible for the district’s resources. We also serve as a board of appeals. Individually and as a board, we work as concerned citizens for the improvement of public schools.

A quorum of four board members is needed to conduct official business. The superintendent and administrative staff are present at board meetings to provide reports and background information.

Minutes are recorded at every meeting. Minutes from recent meetings are available at each meeting. Proposed minutes are available for public inspection within eight business days after the meeting. Approved minutes are available within five days after the meeting in which the board approves them. Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours before a scheduled Board meeting on the Meeting Schedule page.

Contact Us
To contact the Board of Education, call the Board offices at 248/586-8652 or email Schoolboard@ferndaleschools.org. To contact the Board President, email Boardpresident@ferndaleschools.org.

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