How do you decide what service is best for you?  Meeting with a Career Planner at Ferndale Michigan Works! requires special eligibility requirements under the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  This new law went into effect July of 2015.  The benefits of working with a Career Planner outweigh the initial process of eligibility.  Once that process is finished you have access to a range of activities under Career Services, Training Services and Follow Up Services.  The first step is to see whether you fit into Adult or Dislocated Worker.

The Adult Worker is determined by reviewing your current situation.  We assess your income in the last six months, family size and what type of barriers you may be facing.  Based on those factors we will determine your eligibility.

The Dislocated Worker is someone that has been affected by a lay-off, downsizing, business closure or other situations as listed below.  Income is not a factor.  If any of these apply to you, please contact us!

Dislocated Worker (Must meet at least one category)

1. (a)  Has notice of or is terminated or Laid-off from employment, and:

        (b)  Unlikely to return to prior industry or occupation, and:

        (c)  Eligible for or exhausted unemployment compensation, or:

        (d)  Meets one-stop center attachment to the workforce

2. (a)  Has notice of or is terminated or laid-off from employment due to  a permanent closure of, or substantial layoff at a plant, facility or enterprise, or:

        (b)  Employed at a facility announced to close within 180 days, or:

        (c)  Employed at a facility to close with no date given

3. Self-employed but unemployed because of general economic conditions or natural disaster

4. Displaced homemaker

5. Spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on Active Duty who has experienced a loss of employment as a direct result of relocation to accommodate a permanent change in duty station of such member

So what services can you receive?  Career Services can provide comprehensive assessments, Individual Employment Plans, individual counseling, career planning, workforce preparation, financial literacy, English acquisition, resume, in-depth job search and interview assistance.  Guidance on training or retraining opportunities may be possible for you.  Follow up services can help you through your transition in your new employment for 12 months following your first day of employment.

It is very important that once you are in need of reemployment assistance that you start immediately, do not wait!  Ferndale Michigan Works! has the services you need.  Your reemployment effort or starting/changing careers will be a full time job.  Add us to your effort and aim for success!

Call us today to sign up for an Orientation! 248.586.8930