Ferndale Michigan Works! Staff

Our Ferndale Michigan Works! staff is a group of highly dedicated, knowledgeable professionals working hard for the career seekers and businesses in our community.


Pamela Bellaver, MA, LPC - Manager

  Pam at workPam Bellaver, MA, LPC, has been the Supervisor of the Ferndale Michigan Works team since 2006. Before joining the FMW team, Pam worked in the Juvenile Justice, Foster Care and Adoption and mental health and substance abuse private, non-profit sector. 

Pam's entire career has been dedicated to helping others in the community and she currently serves on the Ferndale Area Chamber Board of Directors, Oakland County Region 10 Adult Education Collaborative Executive Board and the Ferncare Board of Directors. Past board positions include the Tri-Community Coalition, Ferndale Youth Assistance, Ferndale Schools Orchestra Boosters and the Parent, Teacher, Student Association in Ferndale Schools.

Passionate about service to others, Pam continues to help promote the FMW office as a core community service to Ferndale and neighboring communities as well as a vital component contributing to the diversity of the Ferndale School District.

Heather Coleman Voss, CBSP - Business Services Coordinator  

Proud to assist local businesses, Heather works with employers to connect them with outstanding Heather Coleman Voss Head Shotcandidates. Her focus is working with employers, non-profits and community leaders on everything from social recruiting to referral networking to guiding companies through potential employee training opportunities. Her primary passion is teaching businesses and individuals how to use social media to better serve and interact with their customers and communities.

Heather began her career with Ferndale Michigan Works! in 2006 as the Training Coordinator, creating and teaching our career and social media workshops. In 2012 she also became the Business Services Coordinator. Very committed to the Ferndale community, she is a Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce board member, serves on the Civil Service Board for the City of Ferndale as well as the Business Development Committee with the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority.

A respected speaker, Heather specializes in presenting on social media for business. She has delivered talks at: TechTown, Automation Alley, Walsh College, the Southeastern Michigan Career Development Facilitators Association, Oakland School District, Kelly Services Corporate, the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and many more. on how businesses and individuals can use social media to better serve and interact with customers and communities. She is also a published author and frequent guest blogger.



David Straka, CWDP - Career Planner


 David Straka headshotDavid Straka, Career Adviser, is a national leader in Workforce Development. He has spent 20 years in 3 states from employment counseling to One Stop management. David is a Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) through the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), a nationwide organization committed to the promotion of the Workforce Development Profession. 

David enjoys working with a wide range of customers to give them the tools to ensure the final outcome of success. He has presented workshops from the local to the national level during his career.  Writing articles for the workforce system locally and nationally gives him a way to express a unique view of subjects that are important not only to customers in the system but to his peers as well. 

His experience of workforce programs includes WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Adult workers, Dislocated workers, Welfare to Work, Employment Service Labor Exchange, Trade Adjustment Assistance and Labor Market Information. 

David spent 8 years in the Air Force in Aircraft Maintenance Management and Acquisition Logistics Support reaching the rank of Captain. David has Commercial Instrument, Single and Multi Engine Land pilot ratings.  He was also on the NAWDP board of directors for 6 years.



Alicia Parker, Youth Coordinator 


Alicia Parker is the Youth Program Coordinator.  She has spent 5 years in Workforce Development as a Alicia Head ShotCareer Advisor  and Youth Services provider. She is passionate about community outreach and has volunteered and conducted mini workshops throughout Metro Detroit area. 

Alicia enjoys working with youth in the community to give them the tools and encouragement they need to become ready for the workforce. She has presented Career Readiness workshops to youth throughout the community who needed assistance developing a resume, interview skills and soft skills .  Alicia also assist qualifying Youth with finding short-term Internships along with permit  part-time  and full-time employment. The overal goal of the program is to help youth gain the skills necessary to obtain unsubsidized employment and continue to progress toward a successful future.

Bret Sutton - Career Planner 


Bret Bio PicBret Sutton has been working in the Human and Social Service field for over 23 years, including field-based Social Work, Vocational Rehabilitation, Advocacy, Community Resource Development, and now, Re-Employment Services.  He has worked at Ferndale Michigan Works! since 2005 and enjoys helping customers reach their individual employment and career goals.  

Bret has a strong working knowledge of the entire Human Service Spectrum in Southeast Michigan and prides himself on putting individuals and families in touch with supports that help to enhance their independence.  The most enjoyable part of his job is working directly, face to face, with customers. 




Steven Munoz, USMC (Ret) - Disabled Veteran's Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) 

Steve Muñoz is a Marine Corps combat veteran, serving from 1971 to 1997. He graduated from Bethel Steve Bio PicCollege, IN with a BS in Business in 2000. He also served as the Communications Director of St Joseph County PD, IN  from 2000 to 2002. In 2003, Steve began working for the State of Michigan as the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist. 

Steve serves several Oakland County Michigan Works! offices, and is located at Ferndale Michigan Works!. Steve is passionate about assisting veterans in finding high quality jobs based on their skills and experience. 

Steve has been married to Gloria Reyna since 1980. They have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. 



Rose Morrone-Reeves – Program Coordinator, CBSP 

  Rose at workRose currently holds the position of Employment Services Coordinator for the Ferndale Career Center. She has been working with Ferndale Michigan Works! for seven years.  During this time Rose has also worked with the Federal Program Trade Adjustment Assistant, where she has helped hundreds of displaced workers in her role of Case Manager and has been instrumental in helping these customers navigate through the very heavy and many times cumbersome paperwork and new school programs.

She provides knowledge, guidance, moral support and assistance to customers as they try hard to return to productive and satisfying work. Rose uses her calm professional demeanor and patience when dealing daily with customers, staff, outside agencies and partners while ensuring best services are being provided for Employment Services under the policies and guidelines of the State of Michigan.

Prior to working for Ferndale Michigan Works!, Rose lived in Canada with her family. She worked for Human Resources Development Canada (formerly Employment and Immigration Canada) for 18 years as an Employment and Insurance Officer. HRDC was to a large degree the equivalent of Michigan Works! with a few more Federal Government programs under its wings with the Federal Government of Canada.

Rose is also a Certified BSP (Business Services Professional) and is an active team member of the BSP Team in Oakland County and within Ferndale Michigan Works!



Jim Elliott, MA - TAA Career Planner

  Jim has worked with Michigan Works in Oakland County for over 7 years, dedicating himself for the last Jim Elliott Bio Picfour years at Ferndale Michigan Works! as a TAA Case Manager. Jim's passion is working directly with clients, seeing them work hard and helping them transition into a new career after they have spent many years in a totally different field.

Jim received his BS in Social Work from the University of Detroit in 1993. He then completed his Masters Degree in Counseling from Oakland University in 2004 while working at Ford Motor Company.

Jim believes that one of the most important aspects of his job is to be empathetic to his clients. Career transition can be a frustrating and anxiety-ridden time, so patience and empathy is key in assisting people in their successful career transition.

Jim is the proud father of a seven year old daughter. 


Peggy Knight, PATH/Employment Services Coordinator, CBSP

Peggy has been working for Ferndale Michigan Works! since 2012. She is well-versed in employment Peggy Web Picservices and enjoys working one-on-one with her clients. 

Peggy has an extensive background in human resources and customer service, and is happy to be our new PATH Coordinator. 

She is very passionate about her work and helping people succeed. Peggy works closely with all departments at Ferndale Michigan Works! and is enjoying expanding her knowledge in this new role. Peggy grew up in Ferndale and graduated from our own Ferndale High School. She is committed to the Ferndale community, and being involved with work that has a positive impact on others.



Michele Sibula, Office Manager

  Michele began working for the Ferndale Public Schools in 2000, as the Enrichment Supervisor for Adult Micheleand Community Education. In that role, Michele created and managed enrichment classes for the greater Ferndale community. 

Michele has been keeping general mayhem in check at Ferndale Michigan Works!  since 2004. She additionally provides both clerical and administrative support, coordinating and implementing office procedures.

Michele is the soothsayer, problem solver, equipment repair officer, advice giver, orderer of all stuff...generally, she is a specialist in anything the staff needs her to be at a moments notice!

Michele is also the Event Chair for the Relay for Life of Ferndale, and has been since 2010. She leads a committee of people to engage our community in Relay For Life, raising money to fight cancer and support cancer survivors and caregivers.

Suzanne Parrish, Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Bio PicSuzanne was born and raised in Ferndale, am she's a proud graduate of FHS class of 1985! Go Eagles! She runs the PATH/Workshop desk, she's a Data Entry Specialist and is also very active on our social media here committee.

Suzanne's background includes working in the media business for 15 years with Greater Media, also a Ferndale company since the 70's. Following was a 10 yr stint at an advertising agency.

She feels lucky to have found her way to the FMW family in 2008. Suzanne loves making a difference, whether it's by listening to clients or by helping them find resources that they may need. She is very passionate about the work that we do, and dediated to spreading the word about our services.