Q: In the restructuring calendar, "Combined Art Projects - November" and "Combined PBL Project/Open Classroom - Teacher led by grade level" are listed under "School-Based Student Centered Work." What do these both mean?

Combined art projects - students in the same grade levels across schools will have the opportunity to have the same projects take place during art class. Although we wanted to begin newer art projects in November, implementation will begin in March. They will have components that are similar to project based learning and take place over time (Instead of a one class project)

Combined PBL Project/Open Classroom - Teachers have the opportunity to work in grade level teams to support the open classroom project based learning opportunities. Many grade levels not only have coordinated within their school, but reached out to other district schools with the same grade level to coordinate.

Q: Will the elementary teachers be trained in and ready to implement the Cambridge model/curriculum in K-5 grades for the 2016-17 school year?

Cambridge will be rolled out over the next several years. In 2016-2017 elementary teachers will begin to use Cambridge science as part of our new science curriculum. With all new curriculum or instructional practices teachers will be provided professional development and integrate their studies into the PLC time each Monday.