The Ferndale School Board believes in active participation of the community within the school district. At times there are skills and abilities that community members offer that may assist the School Board in their decision making process.

Below are the board / administrative committees and a list of the skills the Board has enlisted for each committee.

Governance - Jim O'Donnell, Amy Butters, Jennifer LaTosch

This committee discusses advises the board regarding policy, personal, board operations and structure. The committee is comprised of two board members, board president, superintendent, and assistant superintendent of human resources.

Sustainability - Karen Twomey, Raylon Leaks-May

This committee provides direction and oversight for the districts asset management and planning. The committee monitors budget reports, reviews facilities and site utilization, and provided input on both financial and facilities planning. The committee is comprised of two board members, superintendent, assistant superintendent of finance, and two community members with the following type of experience:

  • Member with financial background in order to understand and assist in working with the school budget
  • Member with facility or operations experience in order to advise the running and upkeep of the district facilities

Achievement - Kevin Deegan-Krause, Nancy Kerr-Mueller

This committee provides direction to the board regarding the district's educational priorities and goals. Programs and materials to achieve goals are reviewed, with recommendations then being made by this committee to the Board of Education. The committee is comprised of two board members, assistant superintendent of curriculum/instruction, and two community members with the following backgrounds:

  • Parent of an elementary student with experience or knowledge of education
  • Parent of a secondary student with experience or knowledge of education
  • Parent of a UHS or TCEC students with experience or knowledge of education


This committee provides advice to the communications department regarding public relations and district communications. This committee is comprised of one or two board members, director of communications, and two community members with the following background:

  • Experience in public relations or communications
  • Active community member in a Ferndale business or local government

Sinking Fund Exploratory Committee

This committee will advise administration with the conclusion of the bond programs and start to evaluate for work that will need to be completed by a sinking fund or other funding. The committee will be comprised of superintendent, assistant superintendent of human resources/operations, three board members, and the following community members:

  • Facility member of Sustainability Committee
  • Parents from each of our Ferndale K-12 program
  • Community member with construction experience
  • Elementary and secondary administrator
  • Local business member

Restructuring Committees *no application necessary

The restructuring process involves five committees:

  1. Open Classroom
  2. Professional Development
  3. Logistics
  4. Communications
  5. Middle School Transition

These committees have an open enrollment structure where any parent/community is welcome to sign up at any time in the process. These committees will meet throughout the 15/16 and 16/17 school year.