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testimonials“I worked with the Ferndale Career Center and found they were exceptionally helpful as I tried to turn my career around. The advice and support I received was nothing less than outstanding. The city of Ferndale can be very proud to have this gem in their community.” April 27, 2009 | Sharon C.

“I cannot say enough good things about the Ferndale Career Center. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. The facility and it's resources are up to date. The range of courses available is appropriate to today's employment market. Ferndale Career Center also serves as a great networking resource for those seeking employment and other opportunities. They are an excellent representative of Michigan's effort on behalf of it's workers!”
April 25, 2009
| June N.

“The folks at Ferndale Career Center manage to bring much-needed job search training to people in career transition with a touch of humor and humanity while staying utterly professional at all times. Their in-depth knowledge and use of state-of-the-art educational technology allow for a thoroughly rewarding classroom experience. I heartily recommend them to any person seeking to expand their career search choices.”
April 24, 2009 | Stephen D.

“I have attended many of the workshops at the Ferndale Career Center and one that I thought to be very important and useful was the “Social Media and Career Success” workshop. I would recommend it to anyone serious about searching for work in this challenging job market. I didn’t realize how important it is to use the Networking site such as LinkedIn, Tweeter & Facebook in my job search. Thank You, Ferndale Career Center”
September 24, 2009 | Kenneth K. , Automotive Designer, Aerotek

“Ferndale Career Center is the place to go for anyone looking to transition into a new career. The service is exceptional with updated facilities and relevant workshops. The training facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. The workshops are targeted and up-to-date, so your time will be very well spent there. The material is taught so that you can implement what you've learned very quickly. This center not only addresses your career transition needs, but also nurtures and motivates your spirit. Heather, Kay, and Lauren present the information with creativity and humor. I cannot express how much I appreciate this center the talented FCC team.” June 4, 2009 | Nicole S.

“Early on during my transition I was able to work with the Ferndale Career Center by attending classes they offered to determine your strengths in varied areas. Heather Coleman was our training specialist and did an admirable job while maintaining control of a large, diverse, adult-populated classroom. As a School Board member in Ferndale, we have oversight of the Center operation through the school district. We get monthly reports on the processes and accomplishments of the Center. Pam Bellaver, Supervisor, continues to move the Center forward, with new business partners coming on-board, while numbers of attendees continue to increase.”
May 9, 2009 | Keith W.

“I have sought the assistance of the staff members at the Ferndale Career Center (FCC) in Ferndale, Michigan for career guidance and help with attaining employment leads several times over the last few years. During these times, the assistance provided has been outstanding and the knowledge attained, exceptional. I can honestly attest to the ability of FCC and its staff to get clients back to work by any means necessary and to do so in the most respectful and professional manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email at sherryahiggins@msn.com.” December 17, 2009 | Sherry A. H.

“Over the past several weeks I have had the privilege of participating in various career search seminars conducted by Heather at the Ferndale Career Center. Heather consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the current practices in career development, including the innovative use of social/business sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as branding, resume development and networking. Even more remarkable is Heather's consistent enthusiasm and ability to draw out even the most challenged career seeker and create in them an understanding of their own self worth and how these tools can benefit them.”
March 10, 2010 | Steven S.

“I am commenting specifically about the social networking and employment trends that were discussed at the Ferndale Career Center. These workshops, facilitated by Heather Coleman and her staff, are essential to the job seeker in today's market. Heather showed us how to utilize our Linkedin accounts for job searches and connect with people in our networks at target companies. She showed us how to utilize twitter and facebook to create a professional online presence that can be easily found by recruiters and employers, and promote our name, ideas, and qualifications for all to see. Since taking the workshops, I've doubled my Linkedin network, connected others to potential job opportunities, and have found a new job through my Linked-In connections. Now, everyone I meet becomes a contact in my Linkedin Network. ALL JOB HUNTERS needs to take this workshop with Heather Coleman at Ferndale Career Center, and TAKE ACTION by starting to build a Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter network asap.” July 27, 2009 | Jeffrey Z.

“Ferndale Career Center is a hidden jewel of employment resources in metro Detroit. The staff is professional, innovative and best of all, provides enthusiastic support for people making a career change. While unemployed, I attended several of their training seminars. FCC is a friendly place for those who are in need of that "boost" of skills and confidence that they too can get that desired job.” February 3, 2009 | Mary S.

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