We believe a school district should reflect its community, because that’s who we are and who we serve. That’s why we support the arts, focus on developing the whole child, foster growth & supportive relationships throughout the community, and develop math & science curriculum for a changing world. Through collaboration between children, teachers, parents, and community members, we cultivate a community of learners and a purposeful learning environment. Join us at Ferndale Schools and become a part of your community. Learn Local.

The Ferndale Advantage

Ferndale Schools offers a hometown, small school atmosphere that gives our parents, students, and teachers, and community an opportunity to really get to know one another. The district is large enough to provide a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular offerings, but small enough to maximize student participation and maintain a community feel.

More than that, Ferndale Schools has created a curriculum and school culture designed and dedicated to the child's age, developmental milestones, and specific needs. It is a focused approach on the whole child that facilitates growth academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. Collaboration between children, teachers, parents, and community members creates a community of learners and a purposeful learning environment. So come join us at Ferndale Schools and be a part of an innovative new model of education built specifically for our incredibly diverse local community.

Take some time to explore all about the incredible opportunities Ferndale Schools offers to all of our students, and check back often to see how we're expanding access to education catered to our community.

Growth happens organically when you let it. Cultivating a love of play and allowing kids the freedom to develop has a positive and lasting impact on our children. By making play an essential part of every child’s education every day, we offer our students the opportunity to explore their imaginations, to connect with other kids, and to stretch and grow physically, emotionally, and socially.

As students grow and develop toward higher levels of learning, play also evolves from jungle gyms and kick ball into our renowned athletic programs. By joining some of our 36 active teams, our students learn the importance of cooperation, leadership, perseverance, and poise as they represent their community among their peers.

Come outside and play with your neighbors. Learn Local.



Every child carries the seed of creativity. To allow that seed to flourish requires an environment that fosters imagination through play. Our award-winning art & music education program supports a community of blossoming artists, craftspeople and creative thinkers.

The Ferndale Golden Eagles Marching Band has earned 8 State Championships, and our elementary and secondary orchestra earns perfect scores, with students participating in Honors Bands and Orchestras across the region. Our programs attract national attention from magazines and master musicians.

Student artists and performers have had their work featured throughout the city and in art fairs around the area, aided by our relationships with business owners and community leaders. Starting at the earliest ages and stages, creative development is a pillar of a Ferndale Education.

Plant your children where their creativity will bloom. Learn Local.



Children change and grow with the seasons and stages of their lives. Our curriculum and school culture is designed appropriately for the child's age, developmental milestones, and specific needs. A whole-child approach facilitates growth academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.


Children learn from their peers, in the classroom and on the playground. At Ferndale Lower Elementary, Kindergarten through Second Grade students develop learning skills and nurture a love of learning that will guide them throughout life. Our early learning curriculum integrates music, movement, outdoor learning, art and logic every day.

With the transition to Ferndale Upper Elementary, Third through Fifth Grade students benefit from a more focused curriculum that challenges everyone to ask questions, seek answers, and develop leadership skills.

Imagine a place where children don't just grow, they flourish. Learn Local.



Ferndale Schools has brought home top-quality Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum with challenging and inspiring new curricula for middle school students from Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Taking courses in engineering and biomedical science, students gain skills in communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and creativity while using industry-leading technology to solve problem.

Our students work with local professionals as mentors and classroom assistants in programs like our Chairman Award-winning Impi Warriors FIRST Robotics team and our brand new FIRST Lego League team–inspiring the next generation of elementary engineers.

A brighter tomorrow begins today. Learn Local.