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Updated April 24, 2014

At 12 Noon today, a John F. Kennedy School parent called the principal to notify him that she made a report to the Oak Park Police in the morning. When she dropped her child off at another home to walk to school with her friends, she saw a man in a green Yukon talk to her daughter.
The parent also noticed the same vehicle pulling in and out of several other driveways later. The school has confirmed that a police report was filed and that the police made a search but did not encounter the vehicle identified by the parent. If you have any information that could help in this investigation, please contact the Oak Park Police at 248-691-7520.

Parents and guardians: Please remind children and young adults of the need to be cautious and attentive when on the streets of our communities, whether they are walking to and from school, or playing. First and foremost, if anyone observes a suspicious person, vehicle or circumstance, either around school or in the area, call the police immediately (911). It is also important that discussions take place between parents and children about how to handle suspicious incidents. Please remind your child of the following safety measures they can take:

  1. If someone is following a child in a car or is walking very close, teach your child to stay away from them, and run to the nearest house (preferably where someone they know is home) to ask for help. 
  1. Do not talk to strangers or go near their car - even if they seem nice and say they have candy or a toy in the car.
  1. If someone tries to get a child to go with them, a good defense is to yell "This is not my father/mother!" and run away. 
  1. Do not help strangers find their dog or cat or anything. Adults do not need children's help.
  1. Always tell a parent or whoever is in charge at home where they are going and do not leave that location without getting an OK from parents or teachers at school.
  1. If someone tells your child "Don't tell," assure the child she or he should definitely report the incident to a trusted adult.

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