Coolidge Intermediate School About Us

The mission of Coolidge Intermediate School is to create a partnership with students, parents, and community members that will strive to: promote academic proficiency and the use of critical thinking skills using quality educational programs.
• Sustain an atmosphere of respect for the uniqueness of each individual.
• Develop students’ problem-solving skills to improve interpersonal relationships.
• Maintain an environment where students and staff feel emotionally and physically safe.

Coolidge’s academic program advances and strengthens learning by using innovative strategies. Our programs are based on the state’s benchmarks and standards using the multiple intelligence theory and grade-level themes. Parent participation is both welcome and encouraged. Open Classroom and Magnet Lottery Program Guidelines (PDF format)

Students experience a program that includes community volunteers, guided reading and literature circles, and current events. In addition, students are required to develop projects based on sound research skills.

Technology and the arts are infused throughout the curriculum which leads to many performance activities, dramatic presentations, and a culminating learning fair that includes work displays, art and student performances. Students keep portfolios of their completed work, and there is an opportunity for student-led conferences at the end of the year.

Teachers modify their instruction to individual student ability and needs to ensure that students are challenged and encouraged to work to their maximum potential.


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