About Digital Learning Center

High-quality online lessons were developed by master teachers in the Ferndale Schools and across the country. The school is located at Taft Education Center and is for students who in the past enrolled in Alternative Education classes.

Here's How it Works:

PERSONALIZED. The DLC will allow students to graduate from high school anytime, anywhere. Students will be active participants in their learning and take control of their education plan to ultimately achieve academic success. Each student will operate from a plan created just for them, taking classes that are suited for their interest level. Students will earn credit when they show what they have learned.

SUPPORTIVE. The DLC is about adult teachers/mentors working for students, making sure they have everything they need to succeed in life. Each student is assigned an Academic Case Manager (ACM). ACMs will be on hand to provide a supportive environment for students and make sure they do not fail.

CONNECTED.The DLC is about the world of today’s students. It’s about using technology so they can learn in their own way on their own time. Students will work at their own pace in online courses combined with onsite support to access the academic content and master the skills needed to be proficient.

And the support goes beyond the curriculum. DLC will provide onsite daycare and onsite career support services. Daycare will be safe and educational for children 6 weeks–4 years-old. Students' children can learn while their parents learn!



2012-13 Annual Report