Ferndale Elementary Schools

Ferndale Elementary students and families are part of an innovative new model of education - one school that finds homes on two different physical campuses within the Ferndale community. Each campus will have a whole child approach that embraces our open classroom heritage.

The Ferndale Elementary Lower Campus houses all students in Kindergarten through second grade. Our Lower Campus School is designed with the young child in mind. It will be a school where children feel safe, loved, included, empowered, experience joy and happiness. A school where play is valued as part of the learning process. A school where music, movement, outdoor learning, art and logic are embedded into everyday learning.

The Ferndale Elementary Upper Campus houses all students from third grade through fifth grade. Our Upper Campus is dedicated to providing our students a school where engagement and a love of learning is at the heart of all practices. It will be a school where students are motivated to persevere, take risks, challenge themselves, ask questions, find answers, and feel empowered to learn and seek leadership within the school.

Bringing students together in buildings designed and dedicated to the child’s age, developmental milestones, and specific needs is what makes our elementary model a leader in learning. Not only will our students learn, grow, and develop with each other; our teachers will be able to share instructional practices and resources. Having a large team of educators focused on each grade level will support student achievement and teacher dialogue to ensure equity in each classroom.