Jason Gillespie

Principal Jason Gillespie

Jason Gillespie most recently taught 5th grade at Coolidge Intermediate School. He has 13 years of middle school teaching experience within Ferndale Public Schools in the math, science and social studies departments.

Mr. Gillespie has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University and a master's degree in School Leadership and Administration from Wayne State University.

He is a proud graduate of Ferndale High School (Class of ‘92) and is a third-generation Ferndale Public Schools educator. His wife is also a teacher at University High School in Ferndale. Together they have 3 children.

"My vision is to provide a well-rounded middle school education in a safe and nurturing environment," says Mr. Gillespie. "One that encompasses high academic expectations and provides a rigorous and engaging curriculum while inspiring a passion for learning. Furthermore, it must include an athletic program that develops the body and mind, fine arts opportunities that encourage creativity, and extracurricular activities that deepen the middle school experience."

Contact Mr. Gillespie at Jason.Gillespie@FerndaleSchools.org  or call 248/586-8830.  


Assistant Principal

Bob Francis  


Leah Closson 
Dottie Deel


Ms.Carolyn Nicholson, LPC
248 586-8839 

7th Grade

Name Position Phone
Pagonas, James English Teacher
Pagonas, James Social Studies Teacher

8th Grade

Name Position Phone
Pagonas, James English Teacher
Pagonas, James Social Studies Teacher

6th Grade

Name Position Phone
Blatt, Aaron Teacher
Zold, Elaine Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Position Phone
Bokram, Jean Secretary 248-586-8759
Francis, Bob Assistant Principal 248-541-1783
Gillespie, Jason Principal 248-586-8830


Name Position Phone
Vic, Bell Art Teacher
Walimaa, Donna Art Teacher


Name Position Phone
Whinham, Jan Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Smith, Melissa Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Niculescu, Mihaela Teacher 248-541-1783

Food Service

Name Position Phone
Johnson, Yolanda Cafeteria Director 248-541-1783


Name Position Phone
Jeffrey, Scott Teacher 248-541-1783
Whalen, Todd Teacher 248-586-8600

Language Arts

Name Position Phone
Ferrini, Mary Teacher 248-541-1783
Piornack, Rick Teacher 248-541-1783
Sibula, Lauren Spanish Teacher 248-541-1783
Turner, Michael Spanish Teacher


Name Position Phone
Haddad, Rachel Math Interventionist
Hancock, Allison Teacher 248-541-1783
Murdock, David Teacher 248-586-8846
Phou, Mike Teacher 248-541-1783


Name Position Phone
Burke, Tim Band Director 248-547-0880
Moy, Ben Orchestra Teacher 248-547-0880
Schroeder, Kim Band Teacher 248-547-0880

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Warkoczeski, Tony Teacher 248-541-1783


Name Position Phone
Dunlap, Ryan Teacher 248-586-8600
Evans, Akilah Teacher 248-541-1783
Mathews, Elin Teacher 248-586-8600

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Cardelli, Paula Consultant 248-541-1783
George, Fred Teacher 248-547-0880
Harvey, Theresa Reading Specialist 248-547-1700
Huff, Michael Teacher 248-541-1783
Larkin, Elizabeth Speech Pathologist 248-547-1700
Owens, Lisa Speech Pathologist 248-547-0880


Name Position Phone
Allen, Akisha Para Professional 248-541-1783
Danielson, Janessa Police Liaison 248-541-1783
Eby, Kim Para Professional 248-541-1783
Kakos-Nieman, Jenan ParaProfessional 248-548-1950
Kelly, Anne Social Worker 248-541-1783 x4094
Weatherly, Stephanie Teacher 248-541-1783

Student Services

Name Position Phone
Nicholson, Carolyn Counselor 248-541-1783 x8839