Roger Smith

Principal Roger Smith

Roger Smith is a proud 1974 graduate of Ferndale High School, as are his two sons, in 2005 and 2008. After earning his Bachelor of Music Education degree from Wayne State University, he began teaching at his alma mater in 1983 as the high school band and orchestra director. Mr. Smith has also coached volleyball for eleven years. In 2005, he earned his degree in Educational Leadership from Oakland University and became an Assistant Principal at FHS.

"My vision for Ferndale High School is to create a school with a safe, nurturing and welcoming atmosphere, where the work the students do is engaging, important and challenges them to meet their individual potential. We will carry on the tradition of academic excellence by working with our outstanding staff, dedicated and caring parents, supportive community and, of course, our wonderful student body. I believe that we will develop students of strong character, work ethic, citizenship and academic achievement. As a staff, we are dedicated to being Focused Highly onStudent Achievement for each and every student. I am proud and honored to be the principal of Ferndale High School. Go Eagles!"

 To learn more about Ferndale High School, please call Principal Roger Smith at 248-586-8621or email him at

Assistant Principal

Shaun Butler

Athletics Director

Shaun Butler

Athletics Admin Assistant

Theresa Burnham 


Name Position Phone
Bruner, Eric Executive Vice Principal 248-586-8767
Butler, Shaun Assistant Principal 248-586-8629
Butler, Shaun Athletics 248-586-8629
Deel, Dottie Secretary 248-586-8621
Gearing, Marie Secretary 248-586-8621
Heron, Shannon Secretary 248-586-8643
Maes, Tom Math Coordinator 248-586-8666
Williams, Lisa Principal 248-586-8626

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Berris, Jacki Teacher 248-586-8600
Campbell, Naomi ParaProfessional 248-586-8600
Carney, Kelly ParaProfessional 248-586-8600
Ceglarek, Amy Teacher 248-586-8600
Celo, Violeta ParaProfessional 248-586-8600
Eby, Kimberly Para Professional
Hand, Michael Resource Room 248-586-8600
Jackson, Laverne ParaProfessional 248-586-8600
Kata, Nicole Teacher 248-586-8600
Kingsley, Katelyn Adult Transition Teacher
McNally, Patrick Resource Room 248-586-8600
Owens, Lisa Speech Pathologist 248-586-8600 x2592
Rembert, Sheila ParaProfessional 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Reynolds, Sarah Art Teacher
Walimaa, Donna Art Teacher


Name Position Phone
Whinham, Jan Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Smith, Melissa Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Cooper, Marie Teacher 248-586-8600
Morrison, Rachel Teacher 248-586-8600
Pagonas, Kandis Teacher 248-586-8600
Roulo, Kylie Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Niculescu, Mihaela Teacher 248-541-1783

Language Arts

Name Position Phone
Gray, Stephanie English Teacher
LoPiccolo, Julie Teacher 248-586-8600
Mell, Jacob Spanish Teacher
Scobie, Stephanie Reading Specialist
Turner, Michael Spanish Teacher


Name Position Phone
Eberle, Deanna Teacher 248-586-8600
Gordon, Karen Teacher 248-586-8600
Haddad, Rachel Math Interventionist
Kelly, Brian Teacher 248-586-8600
Lalone, Matt Teacher
Lopiccolo (Pietras), Shannon Teacher 248-586-8600
Maisel, Kelly Teacher


Name Position Phone
Burke, Tim Orchestra Teacher 248-547-0880
Jamison, Elon Band Director 248-547-0880
Moy, Ben Orchestra Teacher 248-547-0880
Schroeder, Kim Band Teacher 248-547-0880

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Garlow, David Teacher
Gregg, Casey Teacher 248-586-8600

Professional Studies

Name Position Phone
Oliver, Charlotte Business Teacher 248-586-8846


Name Position Phone
Dunlap, Ryan Teacher 248-586-8600
Maes, Alison Teacher 248-586-8600
Murphy, Christine Teacher 248-586-8600
Telesford, Maurice Teacher 248-586-8600
Veresh, Tracy Teacher 248-586-8600

Social Studies

Name Position Phone
Gray, Stephanie Social Studies Teacher
Henderson, Bob Teacher 248-586-8600
Huyck, Marcus Teacher 248-586-8600
Reosti, Marc Teacher 248-586-8600
Welborn, Scott Teacher 248-586-8600
Whalen, Todd Teacher 248-586-8600


Name Position Phone
Burnham, Theresa Secretary 248-586-8740


Name Position Phone
Kakos-Nieman, Jenan Para Professional 248-548-1950

College & Career Center

Name Position Phone
Lewis, Daniel College Success Advisor

Student Services

Name Position Phone
Ellis, Kim Counselor 248-586-8600
Wiley, Kathy Counselor 248-586-8640

Social Worker

Name Position Phone
Kelly, Anne Social Worker 248-541-1783 x4094

Ferndale Youth Assistance

Name Position Phone
Hicks, Melinda Secretary 248-586-8600