Grant Early Childhood Center
21131 Gardenlane, Ferndale MI 48220
p. 248/543-9860 | f. 248/586-8819
Site Supervisor/Administrative Intern Kiada Watts| Secretary Brigitte Hall

School IS IN SESSION for students in Head Start and GRSP on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. This is a Development Day for all other students in the District.

Welcome to Grant!

Programs at this inviting preschool were designed for young children with bold primary colors, child-size furniture, and bright spacious classrooms. All district preschool programs are located at Grant Early Childhood Center, allowing for collaboration among teachers and sharing of materials and events in an age-appropriate way.

Grant offers developmentally appropriate programs for those who qualify designed to meet individual children’s needs. Literacy is a primary focus for all students at Grant, and all teachers are trained in using High/Scope curriculum and Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP) methods. Teachers build on children’s strengths through observation and evaluation of abilities, interests, and needs. Preschoolers participate in hands-on learning experiences, student-driven daily planning, arts and crafts, and playtime activities.

If your child will be preschool age next year, please call us to learn more about how our preschool programs can serve your child.

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