About John F. Kennedy School

K-6 Open Classroom Program

The Open Classroom Program is a district magnet educational option available to interested families based on space availability. Within a consistent, predictable classroom structure, students work independently, demonstrate self-direction, develop self-confidence, and assume responsibility for their own learning and behavior. Open Classroom teachers implement instructional strategies to teach the district’s core curriculum and state standards and benchmarks. Parent involvement is an integral part of the Open Classroom Program. Parents/Guardians are required to participate in their children’s school experience by working in the classroom, carrying out supportive tasks at home, and working with their own children on daily homework and special assignments.

Kindergarten Handbook (PDF format)

Open Classroom and Magnet Lottery Program Guidelines (PDF format)


The mission of Kennedy School is to educate all children.

In a safe environment of mutual respect, a committed staff will:

1) Accept the uniqueness of each child and his or her individual needs.

2) Promote academic, social, emotional and physical growth.

3) Encourage a cooperative effort among the staff, students and parents.

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