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February 27, 2017
Celebration of Soul Food
Lower Elementary students

This past week at Ferndale Lower Elementary, all of the first grade and second grade students learned about and celebrated “Soul Food” with Miss Emma (FoodCorps service member). The students learned how recipes were created by African American communities during slavery, using food memories from Western African countries and creativity. They also learned that “soul food” is a term used to celebrate these traditional folk foods and African American culture.

Students tried collard greens (recipe below!) and when asked how trying the soul food made them feel, one student replied:  "Trying the greens makes me feel like this could the start to a perfect day".

Click the details link for the full recipe.

January 30, 2017
Kindergarten Robotics Day
Students learn robotics and coding basics with high school mentors

Ms. Pirronello’s Kindergarten class paired up with the IMPI robotics team from FHS to explore computer programing and robotics using the Dash robots and legos. They learned how to make Dash move, talk and more. They even made mazes and used code to drive their robots through the maze! 

Impi Robotics team members stand with Ms. Pirronello's Kindergarten class after a day of coding fun.

Kindergarten students build basic machines and practice coding.

Kindergarteners built mazes and coded the robot to traverse through them.

Students learn to plot the robots path using a coding app.