Diana Keefe

Diana Keefe

Lower Elementary Staff

Principal Diana Keefe

Diana Keefe has been principal of Roosevelt Primary School since 2014. Ms. Keefe is committed to developing relationships and connecting with staff, students, parents, and the surrounding community. A high priority of hers is to forge a strong partnership with the Ferndale early childhood community, including outreach to home childcare providers, private & public preschools, and anyone involved in early childhood. She invites any parents of young children or childcare providers to contact her and set up a visit. If you are interested in meeting with Diana Keefe, please call 248/586-8800 or email Diana.Keefe@ferndaleschools.org. 


Marie Gearing
Carly Ulman


Name Position Phone
Barnard, Carly Secretary 248-548-1950
Keefe, Diana Principal 248-586-8801
Showler, April Secretary

Curriculum & Instruction

Name Position Phone
Maes, Tom Math Coordinator 248-586-8666

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Larkin, Elizabeth Speech Pathologist 248-548-1950
Pine-Stanczyk, Cheryl Social Worker 248-548-1950 x1432
Vollmer, Kathleen ParaProfessional 248-586-8820
Wrasse, Joanne ParaProfessional 248-548-1950

First Fives

Name Position Phone
Majeske, Hayley Teacher 248-548-1950


Name Position Phone
Dallmann, Lynne Teacher 248-547-0880
Leist, Bethany Teacher
McNeil, D'Anne Teacher 248-547-0880
Pirronello, Heather Teacher 248-548-1950
Santangelo, Giovanna Teacher 248-548-1950
Terrian, Kathleen Teacher 248-548-1950
Thompson, Sarah Teacher
Tobin, Kayla Teacher

1st Grade

Name Position Phone
Biermann, Donna Teacher 248-548-1950
Cover, Danielle Teacher 248-547-0880
Mikolajewski, Nicole Teacher 248-548-1950
Moore, Brieann Teacher 248-548-1950
Piornack, Shannon Teacher 248-548-1950
Wize, Emily Teacher 248-548-1950

2nd Grade

Name Position Phone
Hayden, Kathleen Teacher 248-548-1950
Krencicki, Cynthia Teacher 248-548-1950
Myers, Beth Teacher 248-548-1950
Peri, Michael Teacher 248-548-1950
Smith, Judy Teacher 248-548-1950
Tyler, Glynis Teacher 248-548-1950 x1433


Name Position Phone
Balogh, Ashley Art Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Position Phone
Forest, Taylor ASD Teacher

Language Arts

Name Position Phone
Martin, Stacey Reading Specialist


Name Position Phone
Grammatico, Meagan Band Teacher
Hillebrand, Debbie Vocal Teacher 248-547-0880
Santilli, Danielle Teacher

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Goliday, Herb Teacher 248-548-1950
Mitchell, Michael Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Position Phone
Harrison, Jean ParaProfessional 248-548-1950
Humphreys, Susan ParaProfessional 248-548-1950
Kakos-Nieman, Jenan ParaProfessional 248-548-1950
Kindred, Angel ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Sledge, Nancy ParaProfessional 248-547-0880


Name Position Phone
Harrison, Jean SACC Leader 248-548-1950
Squires, Steven SACC Assistant 248-547-0880
Stan-Scrimger, Carolann SACC Assistant 248-586-8785

Student Services

Name Position Phone
Bruner, Sandra Resource Room 248-548-1950
Hucal, Michelle Media Center - ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Mickles, Diana Behavior Interventionist 248-548-1950
Schwartz, Jodi Reading Intervention Specialist (2-3) 248-548-1950