Roosevelt Primary School
2610 Pinecrest, Ferndale MI 48220
p. 248/548-1950 | f. 248/586-8804

Principal Diana Keefe
Secretaries Marie Gearing & Carly Ulman

Roosevelt Primary School provides a nurturing environment designed specifically for the early grades.

Before the first bell rings, students are welcomed into school, put their belongings away,
and sit and talk with a friend or sit and read a book. All students sit by their locker quietly
reading until the bell rings. Each morning begins the “brain smart” way with classical music beginning with the first bell. The music plays quietly for five minutes as students enter their classrooms. Each class then turns on the WBEE News broadcast on our school-wide telecast. The WBEE news begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, a school-wide stretch to prepare everyone in school for a day of learning followed by the brain tip of the day to help students and staff begin with their brain energized and focused for the school day.

Roosevelt Primary:

  • 2011 Michigan School of Character & 2011 National School of Character
  • 2008-09 National Promising Practice Award winner (Big Brother Mentor Program)
  • 2007 Education Excellence Award winner
  • 2007 National Schools of Character Promising Practices Award winner (Brain Smart Start)

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