Katie Jeffrey


Principal: Katie Jeffrey

Katie Jeffrey is a graduate of Ferndale High School and Michigan State University and has been a Ferndale Public Schools educator since 2005. After working as a teacher and administrator at University High School for eleven years, Mrs. Jeffrey is excited for a new journey and the opportunity to build a new school family at Ferndale Upper Elementary School (FUEL).

Our goal is to help FUEL our young learners' minds and hearts through inquiry-based instruction and a culture of kindness. Mrs. Jeffrey can be reached by contacting the school office at 248-547-0880 or via email at 


Marcie DuPuis
Rosemarie Slomkowski


Name Department Position Phone
DuPuis, Marcie Administration Secretary 248-586-8778
Jeffrey, Katie Administration Principal 248-586-8782
Slomkowski, Rosemarie Administration Secretary 2485868777

Curriculum & Instruction

Name Department Position Phone
Maes, Tom Curriculum & Instruction Math Coordinator 248-586-8666

Special Education

Name Department Position Phone
Adamson, Sue Special Education Resource Room 248-547-0880
Bresson, Marjorie Special Education MICI - Teacher 248-547-0880
Griffin, Hallie Special Education Speech Pathologist 248-547-0880
Marentis, Amanda Special Education Resource Room 248-547-0880
Meloche, Megan Special Education Occupational Therapist 248-547-0880
Mollica, Jodi Special Education Social Worker 248-547-0880 x1232
Owens, Lisa Special Education Speech Pathologist 248-586-8600 x2592
Renke, Cathy Special Education Occupational Therapist 248-547-0880
Williams, Heather Special Education ASD - Teacher 248-547-0880
Yacks, Tracey Special Education Resource Room 248-547-0880

3rd Grade

Name Department Position Phone
Ewart, Michelle 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Grzesik, Ian 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880 x1632
Kramer, Tracy 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Nagaj, Shannon 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Prince, Jodi 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Trolinger, Toni 3rd Grade Teacher 248-547-0880

4th Grade

Name Department Position Phone
Burgess, Claire 4th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Gjonaj, Anton 4th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Gonska, Lindsay 4th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Harris, Michele 4th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Rubin, Dana 4th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880

5th Grade

Name Department Position Phone
Davis, Vaughn 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Dulac, Lauren 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Lepp, Lori 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Lusk, Roberta 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Watson, Margy 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880
Williamson, Greg 5th Grade Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
Blossfeld, Sherry Montessori Para Professional
Pommereau, Amy Montessori Montessori Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
Balogh, Ashley Art Art Teacher 248-547-0880
Johnstone, Stella Art Art Teacher
Parker, Rebecca Art Art Teacher 248-547-0880

Language Arts

Name Department Position Phone
Wolak, Janelle Language Arts Spanish Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
George, Fred Math Math Interventionist 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
Burke, Tim Music Orchestra Teacher 248-547-0880
Hillebrand, Debbie Music Vocal Teacher 248-547-0880
Jamison, Elon Music Band Teacher 248-547-0880
Moy, Ben Music Orchestra Teacher 248-547-0880
Schroeder, Kim Music Band Teacher 248-547-0880

Physical Education

Name Department Position Phone
Mitchell, Michael Physical Education Teacher 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
Crossley, Tammy Staff ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Edwards, Tamara Staff ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Kindred, Angel Staff ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
McCaskill, Andrew Staff ParaProfessional
Taylor, Marla Staff ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Wyatt, Charles Staff Para Professional 248-547-0880


Name Department Position Phone
LaBell, Cecilia SACC SACC Assistant 248-547-0880
Segel, Katherine SACC SACC Leader 248-586-8793

Student Services

Name Department Position Phone
George, Fred Student Services Behavior Interventionist 248-547-0880
Hucal, Michelle Student Services Media Center - ParaProfessional 248-547-0880
Jones, Melanie Student Services Reading Specialist 248-547-0880
Mollica, Jodi Student Services Social Worker 248-547-0880

Food Service

Name Department Position Phone
Stan-Scrimger, Carolann Food Service staff 248-586-8785