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Project Based Learning 2016-2017

Project Based Learning is an approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. Active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying. Learn more at www.bie.org.


  • Theme - Nonfiction - Teacher choice/student driven
  • Theme - Social Studies - Teacher choice/student driven
  • TIme Frame - 1 in Winter, 1 in Spring

First Grade

  • Theme - Insects, Align with non-fiction writing/reading
  • Theme - Flat Stanley or Community Helpers
  • Time Frame - Spring, April/May

Second Grade

  • Theme - Communities
  • Theme - Country (Virtual Trip)
  • TIme Frame - October to Greenfield Village, Country Study - November/December

Third Grade

  • Theme - Michigan Natural Resource Conservation
  • Time Frame - In September spark kids interest, fall gather ideas, January - Independent study and April present

Fourth Grade

  • Theme - United States, My Country tis’ of thee...
  • First project - Informational Text - research and present on a structure in United States with electricity/lighting
  • Second project - Persuasive Writing - Chesapeake Bay, POV, and Authentic audience
  • TIme  - To Be Determined

Fifth Grade

  • Theme - It’s a small world/Be nice to everybody
  • Explorer Ships - wind powered, treasures
  • Native People - Asia, Africa, Americas - Native, Aztec, Incans
  • Maps - Destinations, purposes
  • Costumed explorers present to queen, research explorer