Cambridge International Curriculum


Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. CIE is part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge.

CIE's international qualifications are recognized by the world's best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career. As a not-for-profit organization, we devote our resources to delivering high-quality educational programs that can unlock learners' potential.

Your child's needs as a learner are at the heart of our approach to education. Our programs and qualifications aim to give your child a love of learning that will stay with them through school, university and beyond.

Our approach supports schools to develop learners who are:

  • confident in working with information and ideas - their own and those of others
  • responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
  • reflective and developing their ability to learn
  • innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.

Benefits For Your Child

Cambridge Secondary 1 starts learners on an educational journey for their first years of secondary education, increasing their knowledge and skills at each stage. It provides a natural progression for children from primary education and prepares them for post-14 education programs that lead to formal qualifications.

A number of progress checks are built into the Cambridge Secondary 1 program, which enable teachers to monitor your child's development. Short progression tests are a valuable way for teachers to understand your child's strengths, and identify areas where more help is required. The emphasis of the tests is on showing where your child is on their learning journey, rather than getting right or wrong answers.

"At the University of Michigan we are looking for students who have the ability to think critically, are able to articulate their thoughts, and understand the full scope of what they have learned and are about to learn. We have found that students with a Cambridge education have excellent preparation to do all this and take full advantage of what a major research university has to offer them."

Sally Lindsley, Senior Associate Director of Admission, University of Michigan

A Global Learning Community

With a Cambridge program, your child is joining a community of learners from more than 10,000 schools in over 170 countries. We have created our programs and qualifications for students worldwide but we make sure there is plenty of space for local content too.

Distance does not create a barrier between Cambridge learners around the world. Our online communities bring schools and learners together to discuss their projects and activities. By developing a global outlook in Cambridge learners, we aim to equip them for success in the fast-changing modern world.

Cambridge in Ferndale Public Schools

The Cambridge International program at Ferndale Middle School ws initiated in the Fall of 2015 for 7th and 8th graders. It has been expanded to include 6th-8th graders now that we have restructured K-6. Both honors and project-based English Language Arts courses are entirely comprised of the Cambridge ELA units curriculum. Additionally, our Social Studies courses in all grades include the Cambridge Global Perspectives program "challenges," of which FMS was chosen as a pilot school. Each challenge is paired with a Social Studies unit and allows students to look at global issues from a variety of perspectives and come up with solutions to pressing global issues.

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