Through our partnership with Baker College, every secondary education student attending Ferndale Schools earns college credits while working toward their high school diploma. The Early College program offers every student the option to enroll and finish their 13th year with an associates degree.*

Key Features 

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  • Real World Experience
  • Work with Industry Professionals

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Career Opportunities 


Criminal Justice — The Baker College Criminal Justice associate degree program opens the door to a wide variety of work within the field. Through our partnership with the Ferndale Police Department, our curriculum prepares you, through class work and real-world training for careers at the federal, state and local levels, whether your goal is to work in law enforcement, corrections, or the courts. 


Medical Assistant — Medical assistants work primarily in medical offices and clinics, and have a wide variety of responsibilities. Their work includes everything from clinical procedures, such as drawing blood or performing EKGs, to administrative support for the entire healthcare team. It’s a profession that requires flexibility, critical thinking skills, attention to detail, and a desire to help people. 


Computer Programming — Collaborating closely with software developers and engineers, computer programmers apply logic, creative thinking, and analytical skills to write, test, debug, modify and maintain the code that computers use to function. Computer programmers work in many industries, from corporations to government agencies, and because of constant advances in technology, need to stay current on the latest programming technologies. 


Business Administration — Business professionals who have developed a broad range of knowledge and experience in the field of business administration are qualified to assist in many areas-from planning and organizing activities to assessing performance and efficiency, to helping implement new systems and organizational structures. This wide-ranging work requires effective problem-solving, decision-making, creativity and excellent communication skills.

*Students must enroll their 10th grade year and begin taking courses in their 11th year to qualify for a free Associates Degree in their 13th year.