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Cultural Education

Culture is an important aspect of our families and neighborhoods, and we value the diversity of cultural backgrounds and traditions that make our community so unique.

TAHO Project

The Cultural Education Workgroup of the Ferndale Schools Diversity Committee is pleased to introduce something new this year for our school family!  The Traditions And Holiday Observances (TAHO) Project is an interactive calendar and story-telling project that aims to provide information, cultural education, and connection for school families about cultural differences.

Our hope is that this provides all school families with a greater understanding about the many cultural traditions practiced by families in our community, resulting in greater appreciation for the differences among our students and their families – improving relationships, social connection, school planning, and more.

This page will include information about upcoming holidays and their cultural significance to families in our school community. Here, we will include upcoming significant dates with information about how these dates are observed by families in and around our community.

How is it interactive?

By using the TAHO Form below, we invite ALL families in the district to share your significant cultural holidays, stories about how you observe/celebrate your special days and why the day is culturally significant to you and your family. 

What if I don’t see my significant events reflected or the descriptions don’t reflect my family’s experience of that holiday or tradition?

The Cultural Education Workgroup will be on the lookout for important dates and will work to provide some baseline information about significant dates to the community.  We will do this on the webpage and through notices sent via the school newsletter. But we also know that we will miss things – we will miss some important dates and we will miss the variety of ways in which families celebrate and observe culturally significant events.  No cultural group practices everything in exactly the same way – there are nuances within each and that’s why we need your help:

  • What dates are missing that should be added?  

  • What stories would you like to share?  

  • How can we continually improve this so it grows in inclusivity every year?

How can you get involved?

  • Share your cultural dates and stories!  Use the TAHO Form below to share an upcoming date and why it’s important to you and your family.

  • Join our Cultural Education Workgroup! We would love to have more people participate in this project.  Contact Workgroup Chair Kat LaTosch for more information, klatosch@gmail.com

Traditions and Holiday Observations Form

Below is the form you can use to help submit information about significant dates and events for your family. 


Our Team

The Cultural Education Workgroup volunteers include:

  • Dania Bazzi
  • Jodi Berger
  • Sarah Elturk
  • Kat LaTosch
  • Julie Osburn
  • Madiha Tariq
  • Prasad Venugopal

The Workgroup meets approximately once per month.