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General Information

General Information


Early On Oakland/ Early Intervention (Birth- 3 Years)

Early On Oakland/ Early Intervention (Birth- 3 Years)

Early On® Oakland is a system of services for families of children birth to three years who have an established health condition and/ or a developmental delay.

The system includes a collection of activities, supports, services and resources provided by many different agencies and programs. Early On® Oakland helps you find the individual support that your child and family needs.

For more information and/or to schedule an evaluation for your infant or toddler (ages Birth- 3 Years), please visit the Oakland Schools-Early On website (link below) or contact them at (248) 209-2084

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Early Childhood Special Education (3-5 Years)

Early Childhood Special Education (3-5 Years)

Are you concerned about your 3-5 year old child's development? Is your 3-5 year old child presenting developmental delays in the areas of speech/ language skills,  fine/ gross motor skills,  social/ emotional- behavioral skills and/or cognitive/ learning skills? Has your child been unsuccessful in a regular preschool setting or have you been told that a regular setting would not meet your child's needs?  Please contact the Special Education office at (248)586-8693 for more information about Early Childhood Special Education programs and services and/or to refer your child for an evaluation.

If You Have a Concern

If You Have a Concern

Our goal is to 

Special Education Informal Dispute Resolution Processes Brochure PDF Document

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Who Should I Contact?


1. Your child's special education teacher/ service provider.

If you have a concern regarding your child's progress, services, and/or behavior plan, please make sure to contact your child's caseload/ special education teacher/ ancillary service provider to communicate your thoughts/ concerns and explain what you feel your child needs and/or what changes you are requesting and why.

2. You may contact the school principal/ assistant principal for assistance with addressing your concern.

3. You may request an IEP Team meeting.

If your concern is not resolved via verbal contact with the school staff and/or administrators, you may request an IEP Team meeting via email or written letter. You do not have to wait until the annual review IEP; an IEP can be convened earlier in order to discuss and address your concerns.

4. Contact the Special Education Director.

f your concern is still not resolved, please contact Natalie Kulikowski, Director of Special Education, Ferndale Public Schools at (248) 586-8693 or 

5. Contact Oakland Schools Special Populations/ Compliance Department.

You may also contact the intermediate school district, Oakland Schools, for guidance/ support regarding your special education concern(s) at (248) 209-2343. This is a free,  impartial service and many families have found it to be very helpful to them.

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6. You may refer to and/or contact community agencies/ resources for support.

Finally, there are many free community resources that you may find helpful. For information/ support/ advocacy, please contact:

The Arc

Meet the Team

Director of Special Education- Natalie Kulikowski

Natalie Kulikowski is the Director of Special Education for Ferndale Public Schools. Ms. Kulikowski oversees special education referrals/ evaluations, the development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services for students with an IEP,  records and data collection, as well as the department budget, staffing and teacher/ support staff evaluations. She is responsible for administering the district's Early On/ Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education, K-12 programs/ services for students with an IEP, and Ferndales' post-secondary Transition program for students up to age 26 who require additional support after earning a certificate of completion. Ms. Kulikowski ensures district compliance with federal, state and  local administrative rules and regulations and is responsible for district reporting to these entities. In addition, Ms. Kulikowski serves as Ferndale Public Schools 504 Coordinator and supervises the 504 evaluation/ eligibility process and the development and implementation of 504 plans district-wide.

Special Education Administrative Assistant- Tamara Edwards

Tamara Edwards is the Special Education Administrative Assistant for Ferndale Public Schools. Ms. Edwards provides essential administrative support to parents/ families and  staff in areas such as Medicaid billing, special education pupil accounting, department budgeting and purchase orders, MISTAR documentation/ data entry, Early Childhood referrals and residency verification and scheduling/ coordination of staff development and training events.