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Board of Education

Board Member Profiles


Mike Davisson was elected in 2016 to a six-year term that will conclude in December 2022.

Mike Davisson has served on the district’s Achievement Committee and worked on the Sinking Fund Millage campaign. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education and a Master of Social Work degree. Mike has extensive experience working with adjudicated delinquent youth as a teacher, case manager, and therapist. He currently works with adults experiencing severe and persistent mental illness. He and his wife Amy have three children attending Ferndale Schools.


Vice President

Sandra N. Dukhie was re-elected in November 2018 to serve a four-year term that will conclude December 31, 2022.

Sandra is an Eagle through and through. Her family's relationship with the city began when her great-grandfather moved to Ferndale. Her sons are fourth generation eagles: Sandra, her mother and her grandmother are all also products of the Ferndale School District. Sandra has worked in public education for eighteen years, including working for the Ferndale Public Schools. She was recently named the Director of Student Services for the Pontiac School District. Sandra is an active volunteer for Ferndale Schools, serving as the lead facilitator for the African American Parent Network. She is also involved in the FMS Coding Club and Marching Band, and is an avid supporter of the theater program. Sandra and her wife Keisha thoroughly enjoy their five sons who supply them with a constant source of joy and excitement.


Jennifer LaTosch was elected to serve a six-year term in November 2014; her term expires December 31, 2020.

Jennifer and her wife Kathleen have two children in Ferndale Upper Elementary. Jennifer, a partner at Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, has been a resident of Ferndale since 1995, is an active school volunteer and PTA/PAC member, and has served on the District’s Strategic Planning Committee. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Albion College and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Wayne State University.


Anna Ibrahim was elected  in November 2018 to complete a six-year term set to end in December of 2020.

Anna Ibrahim is a retired high school Social Studies and AP Psychology teacher. Before teaching high school she was a respiratory therapist at area hospitals, including Henry Ford Macomb, where she was the department manager and education coordinator.  Anna and her husband, Jeff, are retired and moved to Ferndale about a year ago. Jeff is a member of the Ferndale Community Concert Band and Anna has done volunteer tutoring for the FPS Band members. Their granddaughter is a Ferndale Public School student and a member of the marching band. They came to Ferndale to be closer to their family and to be part of a vibrant, diverse,  and welcoming community.


Nancy Kerr-Mueller was reelected in 2014, and her term expires December 31, 2020.

Nancy Kerr-Mueller was elected to the board in 2010. After her re-election in 2014, her term will end December of 2020. She works at Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit. She and her husband have three sons who attend Ferndale Schools. They are very active in the schools and within the community.

Jackie Hart was elected to serve a six year term beginning January 1st, 2017.

Jackie Hart was appointed to the board in January 2016 and was elected in November 2016. Her term expires in December 2022. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and is the Manager of IT Communications at a software and engineering consulting company. She has served on various committees in the district, including the Ferndale Education Foundation and several Board, fine arts, and PTA/PTSA committees. Jackie and her husband Ed have two children who currently attend or have graduated from Ferndale Public Schools.

Jim O'Donnell was re-elected to serve a four-year term beginning January 1, 2019.

Jim O'Donnell was elected in November 2018, and his term expires in December 2022. He has three children who have currently attend or have graduated from Ferndale Schools. He served for three years as president of the school board, is a PTA member and former president of the Ferndale Library Board, and has served on district committees prior to his election. Jim holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration degree from Oakland University. He is employed as Director of Finance for a community mental health provider in Detroit. His extended family has lived in and served Ferndale Schools and the Ferndale community since 1941 as citizens, activists, and elected officials.