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My name is Dania Bazzi and I am the Superintendent of Ferndale Schools. I am so excited that I have had the chance to join this amazing community of learners.  It is also my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the web component for our bi-annual Community Education publication, “Local”.

Local will be distributed to our entire community two times each year.  Our community is very lucky to have such a fantastic district, and I could not be more happy to share our stories with you.

Whether you are coming here after or during your read of the magazine or just stumbled upon this digest independently, you will find that the stories contained on these pages are some of the brightest and best goings-on across our district. In creating the publication, our goal was to streamline the printed material to save on both cost and environmental impact while still allowing our families to hold (and share) something tangible in their hands. Each story is accompanied by additional material and multimedia content online to further enhance the information within.

We hope you enjoy reading about Ferndale Schools and our amazing students as much as we enjoy educating them.

In Education,

Dania H. Bazzi
Ferndale Schools

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