Spotlight: Melissa Daugherty

FMS new principal, Melissa Daugherty, comes to the job with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm.

"I am elated to join Ferndale Schools as the principal  of Ferndale Middle School. My commitment to providing an equitable education to all students and alignment with the strategic plan and goals of the district is what attracted me to the district. 

 I look forward to partnering with all of our students, families, staff, and community members to ensure FMS continues to uphold its mission, elevate student voices and cultural experiences, and meet the needs of our students."

We asked Melissa few questions in the latest issue of Local to help our community learn more about our newest administrator.


Opportunities: Shared Goals

I was drawn to Ferndale by the mission and vision of the district. While reading through the strategic plan, I knew that Ferndale Schools was systematically aligning their mission and vision with actions that will help us meet the needs of all of our students.

First Impressions: Our Family 

I have appreciated the genuine and abundant support from staff, students, and families. It feels good to hear moments of encouragement and appreciation in the midst of a challenging school year. The community/family feel is a strength that I admire the most.

Mrs. Daugherty in the classroom, supporting students

Vision: Individuality & Collectivism

My vision for the school is to be a place where everyone is encouraged to do their best, celebrated for who they are, and feel like they belong. This year has been exceptionally challenging for all of us, and I am motivated to continue our efforts with building a community of learners and leaders. 

Continuous Improvement: Empathy & Communication

We will continue to implement restorative practices as a way to build relationships and community for staff and students at FMS. In partnership with students and families, we will continue to build upon transparency by consistently and honestly communicating with our students and their families. Communication tools  like Remind, Canvas, and newsletters are important to maintain a strong school-home partnership.