Environments for Learning: Facility Improvements

The past two years have brought some major upgrades and infrastructure improvements to our facilities. Did you know that each of these projects was paid for through a different type of funding?

DTE Energy GrantFHS Exterior Lights updated

Ferndale Schools received a grant from DTE to replace all of the exterior lighting on the Ferndale High School Campus. The replacement and conversion of these lights to LED bulbs is projected to save nearly $8,600 per year!

FHS Cafeteria Renovation 

The cafeteria at FHS has been completely renovated using a combination of funds from the Sinking Fund as well as the proceeds from our Food Services department.

Voter-Approved Sinking Fund

In August of 2016, voters approved a Sinking Fund for Ferndale Schools. This measure raised about $850,000 per year for facility improvements. If you have visited our schools this summer, you have seen the incredible amount of work being done with Sinking Fund dollars including:

  • Renovation Of Special Needs Life Skills And Gross Motor Skills Rooms At FHS

  • Repair Of Concrete Sidewalks And Repair Of FHS Pool Entry Steps At FHS

  • Updating Carpet, Furniture And Technology in Information Stations at FHS And FMS

  • New Carpeting Throughout FHS And Lower Elementary.

  • New Flooring At The FECC

  • New Flooring And Ceiling Tiles At FUEL

Energy Bond

Last school year, the Board of Education voted to approve a $3.9 million Energy Bond. Different from a traditional school bond issue where the citizens vote to approve a tax for capital improvements, an Energy Bond is not a new tax. Once approved by the Board of Education, a company is hired to make energy efficient upgrades to our schools. When completed later this year, the improvements will save the district approximately $265,000 per year in energy costs! These savings will pay back the bond over the next 15 years. The added benefit is that Ferndale Schools will see additional savings beyond the repayment costs over the course of the bond from the reduction in operational costs and additional rebates. These long-term savings will go directly into the classroom. Students benefit from improved facilities as well as all future savings after the bond is repaid. Some of the projects completed as part of the Energy Bond include:

District Wide Improvements to Lighting 

Web-based Energy Management System (EMS)

Currently, not all Ferndale Schools’ building energy systems are online. The new EMS will bring all of the buildings onto a single web based platform, allowing for greater control and energy efficiency district wide. 

New Faucets

Throughout the district, older water faucets will be replaced with more modern and efficient ones.

Pool UpgradesAutomated thermal pool cover at FHS

The pools at FMS/FHS will also have their systems upgraded and tied into the new building management system to allow for greater energy efficiency. A new mechanical cover for both pools will also reduce evaporation of the water and help maintain temperatures.

HVAC Improvements

Various upgrades were undertaken to improve energy efficiency and student comfort.

  • FUEL – Boilers were replaced
  • TCEC – Repaired steam system
  • District Wide – HVAC systems put on updated digital control system
  • District Wide – Refurbished many classroom unit ventilator systems