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Jamie Stottlemyer
Jamie Stottlemyer

Executive Director of Operations and Transportation

248-586-8682 james.stottlemyer@ferndaleschools.org

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Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Custodial and Facility Maintenance Services RFP

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RFP Timeline

Issuance   January 24, 2018
Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference 10 AM Febraury 7, 2018
Held at: 881 Pinecrest Dr | Ferndale, MI 48220
Facilities Tours 11:30 AM Febrary 7, 2018
Deadline for intent to respond 5:00 PM February 14th
Deadline for written Requests for Clarifications 1:00 PM February 27, 2018
Due Date for Proposals 1:00 PM March 6, 2018
School District’s Consideration of the Contract   April 2018
Implementation of Contract   July 1, 2018


2017 Sinking Fund Projects

Recent Updates

September 16, 2022
Construction Flies Ahead

Crews have been working rapidly to build up the masonry walls around the building. In the Second Grade wing, the roof is on and the cement floors are already poured, thanks to the hard work of machines, operators, and skilled workers. Below, a small group of friendly construction bots can be seen taking a well-earned break after assisting with the roof installation. Beep bop boop! (That means thanks for the lift.)

A crew of masons install cement block walls.  A group of motorized lifts can be seen taking a well deserved break.  


September 1, 2022
Elementary Construction Humming Along

The new K-2 Elementary building in Jackson Park is quickly coming together after a long summer of progress. The steel crews began installing columns in the lobby and gymnasium in early August. The masonry contractor can be seen finishing up the second grade wing below, and the walls of the new art room and the media center are in place.


June 9, 2022
New Elementary Update

The new Lower Elementary School is rising! All three academic wings are beginning to soar at the Jackson Park construction site. We are so excited to see this community asset taking shape.


May 16, 2022
Pool Room & Fitness Center Updates

FHS athletics facilities are coming along swiftly. A sound system, new lighting, and acoustic wave panels are being installed in the pool area this week. Additionally, the tile contractor has started installation of the large format wall tiles. The locker room's underground plumbing has been replaced and is awaiting inspection, then the floor slabs will be poured back in place and the new masonry walls can start going in.

On the fitness center side, work is essentially complete up to the point of the temporary ramp removal in early July. At that point, the new flooring will go down and the new fitness equipment will come out of storage for installation. #flyhighMIeagles


April 25, 2022
FUEL Improved with Secure Vestibule

Ferndale Upper Elementary School (FUEL) was recently improved with a new secure vestibule, to provide a higher level of security in our buildings. All visitors will now be buzzed into the first set of doors and required to pass through the office for screening before entering the building. The improvement also included high efficiency lighting and a more inviting, contemporary aesthetic. These improvements were made with bond funds at no tax rate increase.


February 28, 2022
New Elementary Taking Shape

The new elementary school at Jackson Park will break ground on April 6th at 3:30 pm, and we are excited to release these new renders of the upcoming project. Please join us for the groundbreaking ceremony!


December 16, 2021
Transportation Dept Digs Into a Feast of Appreciation

The transportation staff was treated to a BBQ in appreciation of their hard work this past year. Director of Operations Jamie Stottlemyer and ABM Supervisor Duane Springer grilled up some ribs and chicken for the occasion. The team was able to enjoy their food in the newly renovated staff area at the Transportation Center. Transportation has been an invaluable resource this year, filling in as custodians, parapros, lunchtime aids and more. Please join us in showing your appreciation for these hard-working members of the Ferndale Family!


October 25, 2021
FECC Safety & Health Improvements

Our building has been improved with a new health room (including a private bathroom). This addition was part of the summer Bond-funded construction, which also beautified our reception area and added a secure vestibule to our entryway. Visitors can now be routed directly to the reception area before entering the rest of the building. This multi-stage, remotely locked system includes nearly impenetrable SchoolGuard Glass for state of the art security.


October 19, 2021
FECC Staff Room and Motor Room Updates

The FECC Staff room was improved with new fixtures and furniture. We are so happy to share this comfortable new space with our staff, the lifeblood of everything we do here. 

The motor room was also improved, so that our developing students have a safe and comfortable place to practice movement skills.


October 19, 2021
FUEL Classroom and Common Space Updates

Have you been into our renovated buildings recently? Over the summer of 2021, bond funds allowed us to make some major improvements. The hard to spot features include a brand new roof and high-efficiency temperature control units in all classrooms. Other features are much more obvious.

Classrooms have new lighting, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Hallways and lockers have been improved as well, and water bottle filling stations were installed.


October 11, 2021
FUEL Gym Improvements and New Bathrooms

Our gymnasium was restored over the summer, complete with stylish new bathrooms.


October 8, 2021
FUEL Cafeteria Update

The FUEL Cafeteria was renovated over the summer, from floor to ceiling.

October 3, 2021
FECC Playground Upgrades

The Ferndale Early Childhood Center has a brand new accessible playground for our earliest learners to enjoy!  The work was completed over the summer, and the students are thrilled to explore and learn in the new nature, themed accessible playground. From left to right, the new play area includes:

  • a natural play area and climbing dome
  • a playhouse with slide and climbing bridges
  • a covered picnic area and sound discovery stations
  • a connected fort complex with tunnels, slides, and climbing walls
  • and a swing set

Scroll down for more detailed images of these exciting new outdoor learning opportunities.

overview of the complete FECC playground project


August 14, 2021
UHS Media Center Renovations Completed

The UHS media center went through a much needed transformation over the summer. The new media center now has two student-centered breakout spaces, an enlarged computer lab and additional offices. These spaces have also been outfitted with collaborative and modern furnishings.



June 21, 2021
Bus Garage Renovations Underway

Work has started on the bus garage to modernize this facility.  A portion of the old warehouse is being utilized to create a new dispatch center, offices and a conference room.  The old driver lounge is being doubled in size and turned into a training room and modern break space.  Demolition is nearly complete, the plumbers have put in the underground plumbing and the HVAC contractor is installing new ductwork.


Tools We Use

ML Schedules

ML Schedules 

For Adding Events to Calendars and Requesting Event Support

ML Schedules allows authorized users to make facility use requests. Options are available to include technology, food service, and additional facility resources (tables, chairs, etc) through ML Schedules.

ML Schedules will update events on the calendars at FerndaleSchools.org automatically, through Foxbright CMS.

How to Log in to ML Schedules

Use the Login with Google button at mi19.mlschedules.com/Login.aspx


3.  Reports


School Dude

School Dude — Maintenance Direct

For Maintenance and Major Facility Requests

Maintenance Direct is used to request facilities support for your building. Minor requests can be communicated to your maintenance team directly, but significant maintenance or facilities requests, such as clearing a room of all furniture or repairing a broken HVAC unit, should be made using Maintenance Direct by School Dude.

How to Log in to Maintenance Direct

Login to School Dude at Login.SchoolDude.com