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James Stottlemyer

Director of Operations

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Custodial and Facility Maintenance Services RFP

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RFP Timeline

Issuance   January 24, 2018
Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference 10 AM Febraury 7, 2018
Held at: 881 Pinecrest Dr | Ferndale, MI 48220
Facilities Tours 11:30 AM Febrary 7, 2018
Deadline for intent to respond 5:00 PM February 14th
Deadline for written Requests for Clarifications 1:00 PM February 27, 2018
Due Date for Proposals 1:00 PM March 6, 2018
School District’s Consideration of the Contract   April 2018
Implementation of Contract   July 1, 2018


2017 Sinking Fund Projects

Recent Updates

August 14, 2021
UHS Media Center Renovations Completed

The UHS media center went through a much needed transformation over the summer. The new media center now has two student-centered breakout spaces, an enlarged computer lab and additional offices. These spaces have also been outfitted with collaborative and modern furnishings.



June 21, 2021
Bus Garage Renovations Underway

Work has started on the bus garage to modernize this facility.  A portion of the old warehouse is being utilized to create a new dispatch center, offices and a conference room.  The old driver lounge is being doubled in size and turned into a training room and modern break space.  Demolition is nearly complete, the plumbers have put in the underground plumbing and the HVAC contractor is installing new ductwork.


June 17, 2021
FECC Construction Update

Classrooms are expanding and the entryway is being redesigned at FECC. Check back for progress reports and more photos every week.

PDF DocumentFECC Construction Report - 6/17/2021

June 17, 2021
FUEL Renovation In Progress

Improvements and secure vestibule construction have begun at FUEL. Check back weekly for progress reports and more images.

PDF DocumentFUEL Construction Report - 6/17/2021

January 12, 2021
Bond Sales at Low Interest Rates Save Taxpayers Over $4.5 Million

The US Federal Reserve has set fixed interests at record lows to prevent inflation during the current economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic response. Selling bonds at the low interest rates of 1.89% and 0.76% means that taxpayers will owe less money to bond holders over the 21 year lifetime of the bond: $4,740,798 less, to be more precise. These savings are directly passed on to taxpayers. This interest rate was also made possible by an "A+" rating due to positive enrollment trends and extremely strong wealth holdings across the district. We are so excited to share this good news with all of you, and so proud to serve a community that supports our local schools and voted for our school improvement bonds at an outstandingly high rate in the 2020 special election.

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Tech Glossary

ML Schedules

ML Schedules 

For Adding Events to Calendars and Requesting Event Support

ML Schedules allows authorized users to make facility use requests. Options are available to include technology, food service, and additional facility resources (tables, chairs, etc) through ML Schedules.

ML Schedules will update events on the calendars at FerndaleSchools.org automatically, through Foxbright CMS.

How to Log in to ML Schedules

Use the Login with Google button at mi19.mlschedules.com/Login.aspx


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School Dude

School Dude — Maintenance Direct

For Maintenance and Major Facility Requests

Maintenance Direct is used to request facilities support for your building. Minor requests can be communicated to your maintenance team directly, but significant maintenance or facilities requests, such as clearing a room of all furniture or repairing a broken HVAC unit, should be made using Maintenance Direct by School Dude.

How to Log in to Maintenance Direct

Login to School Dude at Login.SchoolDude.com