Bond Projects

As project plans are approved and construction is completed, we will post images on this page. Thank you for your overwhelming support on this Bond.

NEW Ferndale Lower Elementary Under Construction

The all new Ferndale Lower Elementary is under construction in Jackson Park. These new facilities will expand classroom sizes while integrating new scientific insights from learning environment research. High-efficiency heating, cooling, and infrastructure will accompany advanced classroom technology for every student. This community asset is made possible by your overwhelming support of the 2020 bond at no tax rate increase to you. 

Construction will continue until 2023, but you can take a virtual "fly through" of the building and outdoor spaces right now at While small modifications may be made during construction, this video will give you a great look at what to expect from the new Ferndale Lower Elementary.

To our community, thank you for your steadfast commitment to ensuring our students have the optimal learning environment. Without your support, this day would not have been possible. Our little Eagles will certainly fly high in their new school.

September 10, 2022
Tri-County Educational Center Gets a Makeover

The Grant building, current home to the Tri-County Educational Center, was updated with a new boiler system, high-efficiency HVAC, and a roof improvement this summer. The interior also saw improvements, with new electrical, lighting, and flooring installed throughout.


April 25, 2022
FUEL Improved with Secure Vestibule

Ferndale Upper Elementary School (FUEL) was recently improved with a new secure vestibule, to provide a higher level of security in our buildings. All visitors will now be buzzed into the first set of doors and required to pass through the office for screening before entering the building. The improvement also included high efficiency lighting and a more inviting, contemporary aesthetic. These improvements were made with bond funds at no tax rate increase.


October 25, 2021
FECC Safety & Health Improvements

Our building has been improved with a new health room (including a private bathroom). This addition was part of the summer Bond-funded construction, which also beautified our reception area and added a secure vestibule to our entryway. Visitors can now be routed directly to the reception area before entering the rest of the building. This multi-stage, remotely locked system includes nearly impenetrable SchoolGuard Glass for state of the art security.


October 19, 2021
FECC Staff Room and Motor Room Updates

The FECC Staff room was improved with new fixtures and furniture. We are so happy to share this comfortable new space with our staff, the lifeblood of everything we do here. 

The motor room was also improved, so that our developing students have a safe and comfortable place to practice movement skills.


October 19, 2021
FUEL Classroom and Common Space Updates

Have you been into our renovated buildings recently? Over the summer of 2021, bond funds allowed us to make some major improvements. The hard to spot features include a brand new roof and high-efficiency temperature control units in all classrooms. Other features are much more obvious.

Classrooms have new lighting, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Hallways and lockers have been improved as well, and water bottle filling stations were installed.


October 11, 2021
FUEL Gym Improvements and New Bathrooms

Our gymnasium was restored over the summer, complete with stylish new bathrooms.


October 8, 2021
FUEL Cafeteria Update

The FUEL Cafeteria was renovated over the summer, from floor to ceiling.

FECC Playground

We are very excited about the FECC playground. From left to right, the new play area includes:

  • a natural play area and climbing dome
  • a playhouse with slide and climbing bridges
  • a covered picnic area and sound discovery stations
  • a connected fort complex with tunnels, slides, and climbing walls
  • and a swing set

Scroll down for more detailed images of these exciting new outdoor learning opportunities.

overview of the complete FECC playground project


Ferndale High School Locker Rooms & Fitness Center

As part of the 2020 Bond, FHS removed our second pool, saving over $100,000 a year on maintenance costs. This massive space is being replaced with a new athletic training facility and fitness center. With our new athletic training facility, Ferndale High School student athletes can more-thoroughly prepare for competition, and students at large will have more fitness opportunities within our curriculum.

Creating the new athletic training facility also opens the door for the community at large to utilize the space during the hours when school is not in-session. More details on this plan will become available in the future.