Black History Education

February is Black History Month, but we support Black History education and our Black community everyday. Here are some great ways to show your support and educate yourself. At the bottom of this page, we will be listing all of the special activities going on in our schools this month to honor the legacy of a beautiful culture that has blossomed out of such tragic beginnings.

It's important to remember that Black History month is more than just a highlight reel of Black accomplishments and Black tragedies. As President Obama said in 2016, "We know that this should be more than just a commemoration of particular events. It’s about the lived, shared experience of all African Americans, high and low, famous and obscure, and how those experiences have shaped and challenged and ultimately strengthened America.  It’s about taking an unvarnished look at the past so we can create a better future."

Visit A History Museum

When researching historical events, prioritize primary documents–including video and pictures–that tell the story of history as it happened from the people who made it happen

Museums can be an outstanding resource for primary documents, and often host a collection online!

Michigan Museums

National Museums and Archives

Watch Black Films

Explore documentaries by Black filmmakers

Watch movies highlighting Black history and contemporary Black culture

Prioritize primary documents–including video and pictures–that tell the story of history as it happened from the people who made it happen

Experience the work of famous and underground Black directors, writers, and actors


Appreciate More Black Art

The history of the Black Diaspora is World History, and that cannot be overstated in the realm of the arts. Often uncredited and under compensated, Black artists have influenced every facet of contemporary arts.

Read books by Black authors

See Black Visual Art in Person

Listen to the music of foundational Black artists over the past 100 years

  • Explore roots music, blues, gospel, rock n roll, big band, swing, hip-hop, soul, punk, electronic, jazz, pop, and every other genre. They have all been influenced by Black artists throughout history.
  • Explore Detroit's own musical history over the past century

Support Our Black Community

Support black-owned businesses

Participate in Black History Month

  • Decorate your front door or a window for Black History Month
  • Attend Black History Month events in your community

Eat Food that Celebrates Black Culture or Supports Black Communities

  • Order or cook African and Soul food using traditional recipes and modern evolutions from Black culinary artists
  • Sign up with ( a Black-owned company) to find and order from Black-owned restaurants in the area.
  • Visit Blue Nile in Ferndale to experience Ethiopian cuisine, one of the many traditional African cuisines which has influenced the development of distinctly-American Black cuisine

Know the True History

The Underground Railroad

Learn about Metro Detroit connections to the Underground Railroad


Research Juneteenth and its historical significance 

Detroit Uprising of 1967

Learn about the Detroit Uprising, also known as the Detroit Revolution

Prioritize primary documents–including video and pictures–that tell the story of history as it happened from the people who made it happen

Visit Historical Sites

Black History Month History

Learn about the importance and history of Black History Month

Research Black Contributions to Science and Technology

Start with some lesser known inventors who influence our lives every day.

  • Garret Morgan, inventor of the 3-light traffic signal
  • Frederick McKinley Jones, inventor of the Refrigerated Truck
  • Lewis Latimer and the long-lasting light bulb
  • Marie Van Brittan Brown, inventor of the home security system and closed-circuit television

Common Sense Media Content

These entertainment picks feature Black characters, moving stories, compelling themes, and positive representation to celebrate and honor Black culture, stories, and achievements with your family. They highlight a diverse spectrum of Black history and experiences. Families with kids of all ages can find something to enjoy together and learn from.

External LinkCommon Sense Media Black Voices Resource Hub

Common Sense media has also put together this list of age-specific content for learning and exploring at home.

External LinkKid-Friendly Videos and Podcasts for Exploring Black History and Culture

School Activities

Ferndale Early Childhood Center

Ferndale Lower

  • Daily Announcements will highlight The ABC’s of Black History by Rio Cortez
  • Each individual classroom will participate in activities and share literature focused on Black Americans all month
  • Displays around the school
  • Annual Peace Parade was held in January to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ferndale Upper

Ferndale Middle

  • Daily Trivia/Announcements to highlight Black history- Students and staff
  • Door decorating contest
  • Flipgrid performances-students submit performances highlighting Black history through spoken word, singing, dancing, artistic expression and submit via Flipgrid

Ferndale High:

University High

  • Honoring Black Voices: Writing Competition
  • BHM Door Decorating Contest
  • Black History Film Night
  • BHM Spirit Week

Tri-County Educational Center

  • Friday Films. Each Friday (Feb. 10/17) we will be playing a Black History Film
  • Black History door and hallway decoration contest
  • Integrated lessons in all 1st hour homerooms, highlighting individuals and significant events