Lower Elementary Volunteering

Volunteering Info & Form

Hello families! It has been a great start to the school year, and you can help make the rest of the year even better. There are many volunteer opportunities available at Ferndale Lower Elementary, and our school community is stronger when we work together. Please know that whether you volunteer weekly, monthly or even just once a year, your time is appreciated and benefits the school, the teachers/staff, and most importantly, the children.

If you have availability during the day, please consider giving regular time to your child’s classroom. If you have flexible work hours, perhaps take an early lunch or go in late once in a while to take a shift in the classroom or be a guest reader. If you have neither scenario, you are still a vital part of a successful year!

Many of our families are working families. While the school does rely on volunteers for in-school activities, there are ample opportunities for working parents/guardians/caregivers to be involved. We also welcome grandparents, relatives, and family friends. Anyone who has completed the background check form in advance will be permitted to volunteer. Forms are also available at the sign-in desk in the office.

Some of the many ways families are able to contribute are included below. The list of volunteer opportunities goes well beyond this small sampling, however. If you’re having trouble finding an opportunity that fits your needs, please check with your child’s teacher, your classroom volunteer coordinator, the school volunteer coordinator or the Principal.

Below, you will find a form Volunteer form. Please note that this form is intended to give us a list of volunteers to call on for various needs. It does not obligate you for a specific task.

Thank you for your commitment to your child’s school and its success!

During School

Evenings & Weekends


  • Work in classroom centers, reading, math help etc. Don't worry. Training is provided.

  • Volunteer for classroom parties or field trips

  • Take a shift during the book fair

  • Be a Motor Mom/ Motor Dad/ Motor Person

  • Work in the library or help in the office

  • Facilitate an event during Field Day or a Camp

  • Work with your child's teacher to customize an opportunity where your particular skills or expertise would be of value.

  • Assist in the lunch room or on the playground.


  • Attend PTA meetings. Free childcare is provided.

  • Work an evening shift at the book fair.

  • Run an activity at Family Night, June Fair or the Craft Fair.

  • Give after-school homework support.

  • Lead a group or club

  • Help with the talent show.

  • Do some weeding/work in the butterfly garden or vegetable garden.

  • Join a committee and help plan all or any of these wonderful events and activities.