October 21, 2022

New Boilers at FHS Improve Efficiency and Save Money

Bond Funding Makes Long-Term Improvements and Cost Savings

FHS is receiving a 2020 Bond-funded update, taking inefficient boilers offline and replacing them with high efficiency condensing boilers. In addition to efficiency upgrades, the new system will be scaled to appropriately meet the needs of the FHS building. A mechanical engineer assessment calculated that the existing plant was oversized, producing nearly twice the necessary output. These new boilers are rated at 96% efficiency vs. the old ones which were field tested at approximately 75% efficiency. The resulting carbon dioxide emissions savings, at the high school alone, is equivalent to consuming 20,391 gallons of regular gasoline. Similar reductions are expected at other buildings, as FECC and UHS will both be receiving boiler replacements next spring, following TCEC’s boiler replacement and building renewal this past summer.


Watch for our infographic explaining environmental impacts in the next issue of Local: the Community Education Magazine!

Carbon Dioxide emission savings are calculated using the United States EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. To try it yourself, you can enter the estimated gas savings of 3,290 MCF from this project on their website.