November 15, 2022

Assistant Superintendent Earns Kanada Fellowship

Congratulations to Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Camille Hibbler on her acceptance into the The Kanada Fellowship program.

The Kanada Fellowship celebrates the legacy of James Kanada--a pioneer--and lifts up the resiliency, tenacity, innovation, and leadership capacity that he exemplified throughout his lifetime. This same spirit can be found in those who continue to be marginalized today through evolved systems.

The Kanada Fellowship empowers professionals from Metro Detroit to become strategic leaders at work and in their communities by providing them with the tools needed to enact even greater change. Through a six-month initial fellowship experience, participants gain development and support that helps them envision, chart out, and act on their next level of service, leadership, and impact. In addition, fellows are affirmed through connections with other grassroots leaders who are serving, leading, and thriving - locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

To learn more about the Kanada Fellowship visit: