January 20, 2023

PALS Ring in the Lunar New Year

PALs from Ms. Lepp's class joined Mrs. Williams's students for fun Lunar New Year activities in the month of January. They made lanterns, drums, and marched in a parade! This 3,500 year old festival celebrates the turning over of the lunar calendar, and is also known as Tết in Vietnam, Seollal in Korea, and many other names across several other countries and cultures in East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Sunday, January 22nd marks the commencement of the Year of the Rabbit in many cultures, while Vietnamese culture recognizes the Year of the Cat. The Lunar Calendar was developed in China during the Spring and Autumn period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty (771 and 476 BC).

You can learn more about this unique tradition of hóngbāo in this interactive Google Arts & Culture page. Learn even more about Lunar New Year with Google's Arts of the New Moon project, including an interactive story telling of how the animals in the zodiac got their turns. The festival is celebrated by over 20% of the world population, and coincides with several other cultural celebrations based around the moon cycles, including indigenous traditions in Ireland and Canada.

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