May 18, 2023

UHS Physics Students Present Project-Based Learning

UHS Physics students were invited to present their ideas, understandings, and processes they went through to achieve their success on their culminating summative assessment. The project was a real-world, problem-based challenge that presented students with the task of designing a more reliable energy system to meet their own community's needs. It was designed to give students the tools to speak up in their local and global community for a better energy future, one that aligns with their own values, and those of their families. Students considered engineering tradeoffs, criteria, and constraints inherent in making decisions about energy systems, including the geological resources and limitations in Michigan.

After the presentation, the students received high marks for being very relaxed and showing that they had mastery of the content. #FlyHighMIEagles

During the presentation, the presenters discussed the models they created on the micro & macro scale, including the consideration of critical municipal & statewide decisions that must be made while designing the system, but also during an energy crisis, should one occur. In this course students learned not only of the physics & engineering behind energy systems, but also the socioeconomic & equitable impact that sweeping decisions have on all community members.

The course is taught by UHS Teacher of the Year, Lauren Thomas. Presenting 11th Grade students were:

  • Sincere Martinez
  • Christen Richardson
  • Demetrius Norman
  • Kassie Weje
  • Jessica Thompson


#STEAM #STEM #projectbasedlearning