May 22, 2023

Girls Run Club Completes 5K

The FUEL Girls On The Run Club completed a 5K this weekend. The coaches wrote a heartfelt congratulations:

To our awesome girls on the run: Fantastic job this weekend! We are so, so proud of you for training so hard all season and going all out for our 5k. Even as the temperature rose and the breeze stopped, the girls kept pushing through and finished strong. They went 3.1 miles! It has been such a pleasure coaching for you amazing girls this season. Congrats on completing your first 5k, and we hope to see you run many more. Great work on an awesome season: Alma, Chloe, Phoebe, Frankie, London, Kyra, Alona, Charlotte, Chelsea, Miriam, Violet, Margot, Apple, Izabella, Brooklyn, Tyler, and Sophia!

With love, your coaches: Coach Sophie, Coach Kyla, Coach Danielle, and Coach Adam

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