May 22, 2023

8th Graders Go To Washington D.C.

FMS parents and staff took 81 eight grade students to Washington D.C. last week (May 17th-20th) for an incredible annual learning experience to supplement classroom learning. The group of almost 90 took a long bus ride to the nation's capitol to tour architectural treasures, historical sites and memorials. Stops included the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the African American Museum of History and Culture, Arlington National Cemetery, Ford’s Theatre, the National Mall and the Capitol Building. The group also saw monuments to Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr., President Abraham Lincoln, President Thomas Jefferson, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as well as war memorials for the fallen soldiers of the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Mt. Vernon, the plantation estate of President George Washington, was also on the sights list, where students saw first hand the luxurious home of the Revolutionary War General and our nation's first President, as well as the living quarters of the 317 enslaved Africans who built and maintained the elaborate property.

Everyone got their steps, had some laughs together, and appreciated the journey through our national history. Thank you so much to the eight adult chaperones (5 parents and 3 teachers) who made this trip possible.

Korean war memorial

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