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All Michigan Residents 16+ are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Google Account

All Ferndale School students have google accounts. Using a Single Sign-On process, students can access most learning resources by clicking Sign On Using Google buttons where available and entering student account info.

Students' Google/Network Login Information can be found on the MISTAR Student Profile page (you must search for student first) under the Network Login section. This is where you can locate students' email addresses and associated password.

Parents also have access to view this information on the MISTAR Parent Portal, under Network Login.

Tech Support

Ferndale Schools is provided Tech Support services through Oakland Schools, or Intermediate School District. There are multiple ways to contact them.



Live Chat & Service Ticket Tracking

Create an account in the ticketing system with just your e-mail address so you can enter, update and track your technology requests, and receive Live Chat help.

Service Desk Sign-Up


During this time of the year, Oakland Schools is experiencing extremely high call volumes and encourages you to enter tickets through the customer portal or email to avoid long wait times on hold,

  • (248)209-2060


Hardware Support

Chromebooks, Kajeets (wireless internet cards) and additional wireless options will be provided to any family that requests technology. FPS is developing assistance through Xfinity at this time. Learning Support Labs are also available with internet access for students who are able to attend.

Chromebook Support Guide - Student & Family

The technology department will be the single point of contact in reference to technology related topics, issues, concerns, check-in and checkout. If you have a technology related question or need to request a Chromebook or other needed technology, please contact Aubrie Agnello at Aubrie.Agnello@oakland.k12.mi.us.




Google Meet - Video Conferencing for Synchronous Instruction

To provide a classroom experience and an opportunity for students to interact with teachers and classmates, we will be using Google Meet video conferencing tools. Students are expected to virtually attend scheduled class periods regularly. Courses will begin promptly, and students should be ready to begin on time.

Google Meet links will be available in your Canvas Classroom. If you are unable to find your Google Meet link, please contact your teacher.


Google Meet Tutorials



Canvas - Learning Management System 

All classes will be taught and directed by our amazing Ferndale Schools teachers. To help facilitate this online learning, the district has purchased Canvas–a Learning Management System which will provide teachers and students with a single sign-on location for accessing classes. Google Suite and other programs currently in use (Journeys, Envision, IXL) will be linked into your Canvas account when you login.

This will allow for a seamless transition between platforms for all students and their families.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is a cloud-based LMS that connects all of the digital tools and resources K-12 teachers and students use into one simple place. Teachers use Canvas to

  • create digital assignments
  • make grading simple
  • stay in touch with parents.

Schools use Canvas to create a digital learning environment for their teachers and students.

Because Canvas is a web-based system, it doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. However, you’ll want to make sure that your computer meets the basic requirements to run Canvas. You’ll also want to verify that Canvas supports your web browser before you get started.

Canvas hosts:

  • Seesaw for Elementary
  • Google Apps for Education integration
  • Other Curriculum platform (Journeys, Envision, IXL) integration
  • Even More...

Tracking Assignments in Canvas

In Canvas, there are multiple ways to find the work your student needs to complete.

To Do Sidebar

There is the “To Do” section in the right margin when on the Home tab which shows classwork that a student has not yet completed for the current course.

Assignments Page

The Assignments tab will show all of the students' assignments in the selected class. The assignments page shows both assignments that have been completed and assignments that have not been completed.


Google Classroom

Some teachers are continuing to use Google Classroom. This helpful video and the following content will help you navigate these tools.


Tracking Assignments in Google Classroom

Below you see an example of a Google Classroom homepage. We are focusing our attention on the top of the homepage. When you first enter Google Classroom, you will see that classroom's Stream. This is where teachers may post messages, assignments, and links to other material. In order to find a specific assignment, you want to select Classwork from this top navigation menu.

Once you have clicked on Classwork, all of the assignments that have been posted in that google classroom should be posted below, along with the Due date. Submitted items will also Submitted On date in place of the Due date. The icons on the left will also denote submitted or unsubmitted work. Colorful icons mark unsubmitted work, while greyed out icons mark already submitted assignments.

SeeSaw - For Elementary


Seesaw Guide - Created by Regina D'Orio

Seesaw allows students to engage with their classroom using drawing, handwriting, snapping photos, recording video or audio clips, and uploading files. The program is simple to use, and engineered with young kids in mind.


Remind - for All Communications

Remind is a safe messaging tool that keeps families up to date with what’s happening in the classroom, at school buildings, and at the district level. After setting up your Remind account, you can choose to receive messages via:

  • email
  • text
  • automated phone calls

Ferndale parents are automatically added to Ferndale’s Remind, with your students’ names and buildings attached to your profile. This ensures that parents receive messages related to all students in your household. All you have to do is log onto the Remind website and create your account using the email address Ferndale has on file for you, or Get the Remind App.

Please note that your contact information is loaded into Remind based on what we have on file in the MISTAR system for you. If you need to change your phone or email address, log in to the MISTAR Parent Portal and click My Information in the upper right corner of the screen to review and update your information. Updates in MISTAR will take up to 24 hours to reflect in Remind.

View the video above in Spanish here »

Duplicate Remind Accounts? Merge them!

Do you think you may have a duplicate account in Remind? If you’ve used Remind in the past, it’s possible you may need to merge your accounts. Here’s how to Merge Duplicate Accounts!

Change Display Name

Would you prefer for your name to display differently? You can Change the way your name appears in Remind.

Adjust Notification Settings

If you’d like to change the way you receive messages from Remind, you can Change your notification settings. Please note that if you’ve downloaded the app, your messages will be received primarily through the app. If a message is received via the app, you will not necessarily receive a text and/or email notification as well.

How Your Students Can Add Their Cell Phone Numbers 

With parental consent, students can add their cell phone numbers to their Remind accounts. 

  • Students should login to their accounts via the Login with Google option on the web or on a mobile device using their Ferndale email information. 

  • They can then add a phone number to their account as needed from their notification settings.

  • Note that students under 13 can receive class announcements on Remind, but cannot engage in personal 1:1 communications, as this is part of the broader safety permissions for younger children on Remind.

Communicate with Teachers

Teachers are using Remind to bring learning home. Teachers can send messages to an entire class, smaller groups, or individuals. These quick, simple messages can help you and your student stay informed about:

  • Homework assignments
  • Field trip updates
  • Schedule changes
  • Personalized support or feedback
  • And more!

Receive School and District-level Communications

Your principal and superintendent use Remind to send out regular reminders and updates as well.

There are a number of precautions to protect individuals on Remind:

  • Personal contact information stays private. Phone numbers aren’t exchanged between teachers, students, and parents.
  • Messages can’t be edited or deleted, so a complete message history is always available to access and download.
  • Students can only receive messages from their teachers, not other students. Students under the age of 13 need to enter a parent or guardian’s email address before using Remind.
  • Everyone has the ability to report users who violate Remind’s Community Guidelines.

Remind ensures equal access to everyone by the following measures:

  • Teachers can use Remind to reach students and parents on any device, including texting-only phones—no smartphones necessary.
  • Students and parents can receive Remind messages via
    • text
    • email
    • push notifications on the app
  • Remind is free to use for teachers, students, and parents. Standard text messaging and data rates may apply, so check to see if you’re on a per-text phone plan or a limited data plan. You can always log in to your account on the web.
  • The mobile app is available in six different languages. If you use Remind in Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian), or German, you can automatically translate messages sent in different languages.

Remind reduces the need for difficult to manage websites and lengthy newsletters.

  • Remind messages are shorter than 300 characters and sent directly to your mobile phone via text, voice, or email.
  • If you have the ability to compose a message, you can reach out to teachers or other parents in a class. Watch for teachers’ office hours to see when you’ll get the quickest response.
  • Stay in touch on-the-go. Send PDFs, personalized voice clips, and quick photos of permission slips or assignments directly from your phone.

Join a Class in Remind

To join a Remind class, you’ll need a class code from a teacher, coach, administrator, or organization leader. If you do not have your class code, you can find your teacher's email or phone number in the Staff Directory.

Each code is unique, but it always looks like this: @classcode.

Once you have a class code, there are three ways to join the class:

  1. Sign up for text notifications by texting @classcode to 81010.
  2. Go to www.remind.com/join/classcode and follow the directions.
  3. Download the Remind app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up for an account with your email address, and enter the class code when prompted.