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All Michigan Residents 16+ are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Roomies Transition to Hybrid: hybrid in-person student attending classroom instruction part-time.

  • Keep your teacher*
  • Synchronous instruction in the classroom
  • Asynchronous activities at home
  • Schedule shift (see below) 

By offering an in-person option for students, there are risks to the health of all those who participate. A shared responsibility for reducing risk and keeping our schools safe will be held by our teachers, staff, families and administrators. For families that select the in-person learning option, the district will require parents/guardians to agree in-writing to the following conditions:

  • The student will wear a mask at all times (except when eating) while at school.  This includes during indoor and outdoor recess. Exceptions may be made for this requirement if there is a medical or disability-related reason. Medical documentation may be required. 

  • The student will abide by all other safety protocols in place at each building

  • Families will conduct a daily health screening and report the results to the school if the student is not feeling well

  • Families will notify the building administrator immediately if anyone in the family exhibits Covid-19 symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. 

  • Follow guidance from the district’s OCHD public health nurse regarding self-quarantine 

  • Follow guidance from the OCHD regarding self-quarantine for Covid-19 exposures

FECC Roomie Guide

Daily Pre-Check Protocols

All students will be required to pre-check before coming to school using the ClearToGo App. Students who are unable will be able to receive a temperature check from the school nurse.


Safety guidelines suggested by Michigan ChildCare Licensing are being enforced to the furthest
extent possible.

There are no requirements for masks for children under 5, but masks are strongly encouraged at FECC.

Most students are wearing masks throughout the day at the FECC. Masks are REQUIRED only in hallways, gyms, restrooms, and other common areas.


Prepackaged, individual meals will be provided.

To minimize exposure, teachers are utilizing picnic blankets around the classroom and other creative solutions to space out students while eating.


Monday and Wednesday from Home

Roomie student will continue to participate in virtual meetings with their teachers and classmates on Mondays and Wednesdays. This will not change. They will also continue to have access to the SeeSaw activities Monday - Thursday.

Tuesday and Thursday at School

On Tuesdays and Thursdays only, Roomie students will come to school:

  • Drop off time is between 8:30 - 9:00 (at exterior classroom door)
  • Pick-up time is between 1:30 - 2:00 (at exterior classroom door)
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided
  • There will not be a rest time

Please be mindful of the pick-up and drop-off windows. These were implemented to limit the flow
of visitors to the building at once and to allow families with older children the time for multiple drop
offs/pick-ups. Class will start promptly by 9:00 and students can be picked up as early as 1:30,
but must be picked up no later than 2:00. We are not offering latchkey services at this time. We
thank you for your cooperation and promptness.

Elementary & Secondary Roomie Guide

In-Person Orientation

Multimedia tours will be delivered to students and parents from building administrators.

Daily Pre-Check Protocols

All students will be required to pre-check before coming to school using the ClearToGo App. Students who are unable will be able to receive a temperature check from the school nurse.

Additional Safety

Face Coverings

As a reminder, please be sure your child's mask follows the Ferndale Schools mask guidelines.

  • Face masks can be either reusable or disposable.
  • They should fit tightly over your entire nose and mouth.
  • Masks should NOT have valves.
  • Students and staff are welcome to wear face shields brought from home, but they are not required.  A face mask i still required, even when wearing a face shield.
  • Neck gaiters and bandanas are not sufficient face coverings. They may be worn in addition to a face mask.
  • All face coverings must have school-appropriate graphics.

Pre-Check Protocols

All students will be required to pre-check before coming to school using the ClearToGo App. More information will be forthcoming about the ClearToGo App when protocols are finalized. Students who are unable will be able to receive a temperature check from the school nurse. 

Clear to Go App

Each day all students and staff who will be onsite are required to conduct a health screening before school. To facilitate this process we will be utilizing the "Clear to Go" app.

Each morning that your child will be onsite you will be required to answer some simple health
questions. To answer these questions, Clear to Go offers two methods:

  1. Download the app – recommended
    How to Use the App External Link
  2. Answer by email daily

Clear to Go app iconDownload on the App Store Get it on the Google Play

Each morning you will receive a reminder notification at 7:30 am to remind you to conduct a
health screening for your student. An account has been set up for each family utilizing the main
email account that you have in MiStar. You may have already received an automated email
from Clear to Go.

To utilize Clear to Go simply download the app and use your email address to link your account.
If you do not wish to download the app, then simply click the link on the email reminder that you
receive each morning before school and answer the questions.

If there are any issues with your account, please contact Bill Good at bill.good@ferndaleschools.org or contact your school's main office.

Class Sizes

About 50% of parents have selected return to in-person in our school buildings. This allows for classrooms of approximately 15 students, with desks spaced 3 ft apart and particulate barriers. Combined with mask wearing, we believe this will provide adequate protection for students and teachers.

Desktop Barriers

The district has ordered UltraBoard Micro Barriers for elementary and secondary students. These corrugated plastic tri-fold panels are foldable and lightweight, allowing secondary students to transport them between classes.

Ferndale Public Schools takes the health and safety of our students, staff and community very seriously.  The district is able to ensure many safety measures that will mitigate the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus while at school.  The safety measures the district will ensure for in-person learning are:

  • Required masks (except when eating) over both the nose and mouth. Note: students who are not able to tolerate or wear a mask due to medical or disability-related reason will not be required to do so

  • Students will be required to bring a water bottle with a straw and can drink from the bottle at non-lunch/snack times by pushing up their mask to sip from the straw 

  • Handwashing protocols

  • Hand sanitizer in every classroom

  • Individual desks

  • Seating chart, this will allow for rapid and accurate contact tracing which will protect against outbreaks

  • Stagger lunch, recess and play times to maintain cohorts

  • Parents, family members and other visitors to school building will be minimized to the greatest extent possible to reduce exposure risks

  • Food service will pre-package individual lunches

  • High touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected

  • Covid-19 safety signage will direct students to engage in safe practices

  • Safe practices will be taught, modeled and practiced

  • Dedicated public health nurse to help with contact tracing and quarantine recommendations

Additional Info

Click the items below to expand a section for more specific details

Elementary Breakfast

Breakfast will be sent home the day before for students to eat at home, before coming to school.


Lunch will look quite different.

  • Assigned seating

  • Prepackaged lunches at multiple pick-up locations

  • Additional space available

Schedules can be found on the Transition section at the bottom of the Schedule page.

View Schedules »

Elementary Doors Open

Doors Open 10 minutes before classes start.

  • 8:28 at Lower
  • 8:30 at Upper

Individual Schedules Will Be Sent Home

Contact your teacher or building administrator if you have not received your schedule.

What does Asynchronous mean? 

Asynchronous learning means the student is not live with their teacher, but has learning activities to complete independently. The teacher will provide activities to complete including but not limited to:

  • Online forum responses
  • Practice through district and teacher-specific login programs
  • Pre-recorded video content and assignments
  • Independent projects
  • Papers


CASA will be offering in-person classes as much as possible. Virtual students can still join CASA in-person classes.

Labs & Afterschool

There will not be latchkey services after school for the remainder of the year.

Labs will be available to those who utilized them during the first part of the year. We will do our best to accommodate additional requests, but they are prioritized based on need.


Learning Support Labs will be available in the afternoons.

Lower Elementary

  • 11:07 am – 3:28 pm

Upper Elementary

  • 11:17 am – 3:38 pm


Learning Labs will only be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

No Lockers

Students will not be using lockers. All personal items will need to be kept in backpacks. Teachers will have procedures for where to place backpacks and store masks depending on classroom layout specifics.


All students will be expected to bring their school-issued electronic devices to class each day.

School Supplies

You will receive communication from your child’s teacher and building principal.

FMS Back to School Supplies - March 8th

Personal Items

All personal items must be kept in a backpack. No lockers will be available. We suggest limiting personal items to only the essentials.

Water Bottles

Drinking fountains have been turned off. Water Bottle filling stations are still operational, and students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle. Water bottles must be taken home to be washed each day.

No Snacks

Children cannot bring snacks at this time. To provide the safest environment, students will be required to keep masks on and refrain from eating while in the classroom.


Assigned recess times will be used to keep numbers limited outside. Movement breaks will also be taken near student’s desks.

Elementary Bathroom Breaks

Lower Elementary plans are still being developed to maximize physical distancing in the handwashing areas.

Upper Elementary bathrooms are attached to classrooms, and will be shared with cohorts at spaced intervals.

Secondary Bathrooms 

Bathrooms will be safely and respectfully monitored from outside to reduce congregating.

Secondary Hallways

One way markings have been placed in hallways to provide physical distancing.

Students will have extra time between classes to reduce congestion in hallways. Lockers will not be used.

Roomie to Zoomie

Transitioning from in-person to all virtual instruction can be accommodated reasonable quickly. If you make this transition, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to return to in-person quickly or at all, depending on the circumstances.

Zoomie to Roomie

Transitioning after classrooms, seating charts, and space requirements have been established will be a challenge. We will try our best to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee you will be able to transition to in-person instruction if you select the Zoomie option at this time for the remainder of the year.

Changing Overall Situation

We will continue to monitor the situation and receive feedback from families, including requests to adjust learning models and potentially return to all in-person instruction this year. As the situation evolves, we will notify the community about any future changes that may arise. It is our belief at this time that the Board approved model is the best option for our students for the next several months.


Your students bus stop location will remain the same as last year. Elementary parents/guardians, please be ready for your student at the school dismissal time. Times may change dependent on students participating. Any questions call 248.586.8890


Students MUST WEAR A MASK ON THE BUS. Please review all Safety Protocols.

Safety Page – Returning to Learning Hub


Pick Up Time

Beaufield & Emwill


Kensington & Feilding


Farmdale & Pearson


Central & Hazelhurst


Central & Saratoga


Hilton & Jewell (WEST)


Hilton & Jewell (EAST)


Hilton & Channing (EAST)


Paxton & Hazelhurst


Paxton & Vester


Bermuda & Lewiston


Kenwood & Norwood


Kenwood & Seneca


8241 Oak Park Blvd


Gardenlane & Cloverdale


Cloverdale & Bethlawn


Beaufield & Pearson


Albany & Pinecrest


Earl & Central


Bus Garage


Raonoke & Colgate


Northfield & Norwood


Northfield & Oneida


Livernois & Lewiston (W)


Breckenridge & Livernois (W)


Livernois & Breckenridge .(E)


Livernois & Lewiston .(E)


Edgewood & Webster


St Louis & Fielding


Allen & Fielding


Allen & Albany


Grayson & Sylvan


Mapledale & Horton


Indiana & Sylvan


Indiana & Devonshire


Ridge & Woodside


Cambridge & Oakdale


Bus Stop Pick up Approx. Drop off

Bermuda & Oakridge (in bus drive at UHS)



Burdette & Sylvan

7:28 3:15
Cambourne & Livernois 7:28 3:10

Cambridge & Oakdale

7:34 3:20
Constance & Scotia  7:44 3:18
Earl & Central  7:44 3:10
Hilton & Jewell (West) 7:40 3:20
Hilton & Webster (East) 7:44 3:24
Kenwood & Ithaca  7:35 3:10
Kenwood & Seneca 7:40 3:14
Northfield & Norwood 7:28 3:12
Paxton & University  7:35 3:16
Pinecrest & Drayton 7:40 3:26

Ridge Rd & Woodside

7:38 3:24
Sylvan & Indiana 7:35 3:20

7 Mile & Livernois


7 Mile & Woodward

Model T Plaza (6 & Woodward)

8 Mile & Woodward


Will there be a limit as to how many students will be allowed to be a Roomie?

Not at this time. The current model is based on estimates from the collected survey data. If in-person selection numbers exceed these estimates, we will propose an alternate plan to the board for approval. Parents will be given a new selection window at this time.

Will assignments still be submitted on Canvas-Google Classroom or will the Roomie students be doing some or all of their work on paper?

This will be a teacher-by-teacher decision

Is there a minimum number of students required to maintain the virtual program, or will it remain an option regardless of the number of students participating?

We are committed through this year.


How do you determine which students/teacher need to quarantine if a student/teacher gets Covid

  1. Utilizing seating charts and assigned seats to maintain contact tracing.

  2. Students immediately surrounding the confirmed COVID carrier on all sides will be quarantined.

  3. Classroom and school-wide notification will be sent out

Would teachers be required to take sick time if they get covid


About Teachers

Will all teachers be vaccinated by the time in-person learning begins? If not, is there a plan to get all the teachers vaccinated?

Some teachers will be fully vaccinated by the time in-person begins. Our Teachers union estimated that approximately 70% would be fully vaccinated by mid-March.

We are unable to collect data from our teachers on their vaccination status.  This is a private health matter, and due to HIPAA privacy laws, we are not able to track this formally.

Not too long ago, several FPS teachers spoke out at a board meeting and said they do not feel safe returning to in-person learning. What input have you received from staff on the approved plan? Do you anticipate that all of the teachers will return?

Teachers and union representatives have participated in much of the development process for this plan. Before our Community Town Hall on February 4th, we also hosted town halls for the elementary and secondary teachers to gather their input and solutions.

Are there any concerns about having enough substitute teachers available and/or filling vacancies within the district? If so, what is the contingency plan?

We do not anticipate a dramatically increased need for substitute teachers. We will address the need the same as we have in the past.

Special Education Information

Early On (0-3) Services

Due to the vulnerability/ medical fragility of the Early On student group, services will continue to be delivered virtually to the greatest extent possible. In person services may be considered based on district health screening/ protocols for in- person services- Early On (0-3) Service Plan & Guidance. Early On guidance re: in-person services will be updated/ revised as needed based on public health and federal and state special education guidance.

Early Childhood (3-5 years) Special Education programs

1754- Early Childhood Special Education classroom

(Ms. Friedman)

  • Option for full in- person program following the school year ECSE calendar (4 days per week, M-Th w/ some Fridays, AM: 8:30-11:00; PM- 12:30-3:00) OR virtual/ remote learning (individualized plan reflected in a Contingency Learning Plan (CLP) developed by the IEP team, including parents)

1755- Special Education services in a regular preschool classroom setting
(Mrs. Bresson)

  • For students participating in the hybrid plan, in- person 1755 services will be provided during regular preschool sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays; virtual 1755 services will be provided on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (see FECC Hybrid Schedule).


Special education ancillary/ support services (SSW, SLP, OT, PT) may be provided either in person or virtually, based on parent choice (hybrid or virtual) and student needs.

Elementary Special Education Overview


Resource Teacher Instruction

(Ms. Krausmann, Mrs. Bresson, Ms. Fox, Mrs. Bruner, Mrs. Marentis)

  • For “Roomies”, Resource teacher instruction and ancillary/ support services will be provided in person primarily as “push in” services during morning class time or as separate "pull-out" services during afternoon Learning Lab times.
  • For “Zoomies”, virtual Resource program instruction and related services will be provided virtually during morning asynchronous learning times.

Level/ Self-Contained Program Instruction

(Mrs. Golding, Ms. Learman, Mrs. Williams)

  • For "Roomies", elementary level/ self-contained programs will operate in person Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri 8:30 am- 2 pm and a half day on Wednesdays from 8:30-10:45 am.  Inclusion/ general education time may be provided in person or virtually as determined by the program teacher/ GE schedules). 
  • For "Zoomies", elementary special education instruction/ services will be provided via a remote/ virtual learning plan as identified in each student's Contingency Learning Plan, developed by the IEP team, including parents.


Please note, the daily/ weekly in person schedule may be modified if necessary due to changes in public health conditions and/or due to greater than anticipated student #s for virtual/ in person instruction (per parent election).


Secondary Special Education Overview


Resource Instruction
(Mr. Hand, Mrs. Schock, Mrs. Ceglarek, Ms. Berris, Mr. McNally, Ms. Hutko, Ms. Cole, Mrs. Perri)

Students participating in FMS and FHS Resource programs will follow the same hourly/ daily schedule as general education students. Resource Lab instruction, which was provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-9:30 am during Sem 1, will no longer be offered due to the hybrid secondary class schedule/ teaching schedules.

Self-Contained Programs
(Mr. Collins, Mrs. Plotkin, Mrs. Gearns)


Secondary self-contained programs, including the ASD and CI program classrooms and the Adult Transition program, will continue on a hybrid schedule with in-person time increasing to 3 days per week. The new schedules begin on March 8 for both FMS and FHS students and are listed below:

Hybrid/ In Person Schedule:
  • Monday 8:00-3:00
  • Wednesday 8:00-2:00
  • Thursday 8:00-3:00
Virtual/ Remote Schedule:
  • Tuesday 8:00-3:00
  • Wednesday 8:00-2:00
  • Friday 8:00-3:00
  • Virtual instructional schedules will be similar to Sem 1 and individualized based on student needs and IEPs/ Contingency Learning Plans. If you have questions about your student’s daily schedule, please contact his/her special education teacher.  

In-person days and hours may be adjusted based on public health conditions and/or # of students attending in person.

Special education ancillary services may be provided either virtually and/ or in-person, as determined by the instructional format chosen and/ or individual student needs and schedules