Virtual Classrooms

To assist with student learning during the ongoing building closures, all teachers have set up online learning environments for students. Google Classroom codes are listed below. Please contact your student's teacher if you have any questions. You can find their information below or in the Staff Directory.

Student Technology Login

If students need technology login information, please reach out to

Google Classroom Codes

Adams, Derek

  • SPN 1A: 5sdneh3
  • SPN 1B: gpntrs2
  • Computer Coding: 6p342bz

Bates, Jasmine

  • Coming Soon

Blatt, Aaron

  • Coming Soon

Bruner, Sandra

  • Coming Soon

Burke, Timothy 

  • 7th Band: vyk3kaj
  • 8th Band: qc8viu
  • 6th Orchestra: kz1hr5

Cole, Hannah

  • Coming Soon

Coram, Samantha

  • 7th Grade: sbr3kaj
  • 8th Grade: ithxtdy

Evans, Akilah

  • 1st Hour: 6cmuwer
  • 2nd Hour: 2qhnyfx
  • 3rd Hour: mwbqxjq
  • 6th Hour: 4kv5gba
  • 7th Hour: wbpnhsf
  • Impact Hour: vb3nlzd

Ferrini, Mary

  • Coming Soon

Garlow, David

  • 5th Hour PE:  ejldq7k
  • 7th Hour PE:  5xtvfbd

Gearns, Katherine

  • Coming Soon

Guerra, Bridget

  • 1st Hour (7th Grade): mjgkwdr
  • 2nd Hour (8th Grade): uj2aljw
  • 3rd Hour (8th Grade): bkkxpla
  • 5th Hour (8th Grade): sutiddc
  • 7th Hour (7th Grade): 64vm224

Haddad, Rachel

  • Math 8:  stojwl6
  • Honors Algebra: er6lsax

Harvey, Theresa

  • 1st Hour: wueu66a
  • 2nd Hour: plwp5md
  • 4th Hour: af4t4sa, 
  • 5th Hour: ylerjkl
  • 6th Hour: zt24dar
  • 7th Hour: eusnzmk

Huff, Michael

  • 1st & 2nd Hour: emhpn3o
  • 3rd Hour: fz3ydmp
  • 5th & 6th Hour: golnuib

Jamison, Elon

  • 6th Grade Band: tkldp2s

Jeffrey, Scott

ALL students should have the Google Slides linked in their FPS student accounts!

  • 1st HR World History:  3q6726s
  • 2nd HR World History:  5nfhnlq
  • 5th HR World Geography:  jsvvawm
  • 6th HR World Geography:  j6poskk
  • 7th HR World History:  6d5wq4g

Klaper, Caitlin

  • 2nd Hour Tech: pmbrtow
  • 3rd Hour ELA: qfz3osl
  • 5th Hour Tech: jt54pct
  • 6th Hour ELA: emsde3s
  • 7th Hour DIgital Media: b6dfpkm

Morden, Michelle

  • Coming Soon

Moy, Benjamin

  • 7th grade orchestra: cdca3rs
  • 8th grade orchestra: ytie2pi

Murdock, David

  • 7-8th Honors Algebra 1: wisoj5b
  • 8th Social Studies: 5hotth6

Niculescu, Mihaela

  • 1st hour: yiczbf

Perri, Angela

  • 1st Hour LRC: ktr3ddl
  • 6th Hour LRC:  kzka3u6

Philip, Jeena

  • Coming Soon

Piornack, Richard

  • Coming Soon

Plotkin, Hannah

  • Coming Soon

Schroeder, Kimberly

  • 1st Hour Choir:  ncafr5d
  • 3rd Hour Choir:  uzy3ulz

Sigler, Michael

  • 1st Hour: mtv65dp
  • 3rd Hour: uerb3fg
  • 5th Hour: gpa5tn5
  • 6th Hour: 5w5ko7r

Smith-Maurer, Melissa

  • 2nd Hour Drama:  t6rojve

Tousignant, Lori

  • 5th hour - j5v6l2r
  • 6th hour - 6gwit7k
  • 7th hour - fw26lv5

Turner, Michael

  • Spanish 1A: d6rjhg2
  • Spanish 1B: fspd6fi

Warkoczeski, Anthony

  • x4d64ox

Whinham, Janet

  • Coming Soon

Zold, Elaine

  • 6th social studies: f5x5prq
  • 7th Avid: beuznfl