Spectator Guidelines - COVID 19

Spectator Guidelines - Spring 2021

The following guidelines will be in effect during the Spring of 2021 for athletic spectators.

Spectator Limitations

Limitations on spectators are based on the school’s Phase in the MI Safe Start Plan, and updated based on current MDHHS guidelines.

  • ALL visitors (student athletes, officials, fans, etc.) will be COVID screened at the gym entrance.

    Each participant is allowed two guests for INDOOR sports

    Each participant is allowed two guests for OUTDOOR sports.

  • For home events, each Ferndale athlete will be issued two tickets from their coach that will allow the bearer entrance to the athletic event.

  • For away events, coaches will communicate with their athletes the opposite school’s procedures, which may include ticket fees.

  • If the event is a double header event for JV and varsity, JV players and two spectators must exit after the game has ended.

  • For Indoor events:  Everyone must exit the gym from the south door which is door #22.


Face coverings must be worn by everyone at all times, in both games and competition. Athletes while participating on the field/court are required to wear face coverings. Bench personnel are required to wear face coverings at all times – this includes athletes not currently in the game, coaches, managers, trainers, statisticians, media and anyone else on the sideline. Game officials must wear face coverings. Management, school administrators, media and all staff are required to wear face coverings. Spectators are required to wear face coverings. EVERYONE at the event must wear face coverings.


Spectators are also required to maintain 10 ft of social distance from anyone not in their immediate household or multi-family group. We know our sports fans can be very enthusiastic. If you are going to be shouting, please be considerate of other spectators and give yourself at least 10 ft and do not sit behind other spectators not in your immediate household. This will help to reduce exposure from the excess of respiratory droplets expelled when shouting. #eaglepride