Virtual Program

University High School 2521 Bermuda Ferndale, MI 48220 Phone (248) 586-8846

Daily Schedules

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Time Class Period
7:50-8:45 independent work
on Edgenuity (no live classes)
8:50-9:45 2nd Hour
9:55-10:20 3rd Hour
CPC (Impact Hour)
10:25-11:20 4th Hour
11:25-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:50 5th Hour
12:55-1:50 6th Hour
1:55-2:50 independent work
on Edgenuity (no live class)

Wednesday (Early Release)

Time Class Period
7:50-8:35 independent work
on Edgenuity (no live classes)
8:40-9:25 2nd Hour
9:30-10:00 3rd Hour
CPC (Impact Hour)
10:05-10:50 4th Hour
10:55-11:20 Lunch
11:25-12:10 5th Hour
12:15-1:00 6th Hour
1:05-1:50 independent work
on Edgenuity (no live class)

Overview & Checklist

Ferndale Schools believes in-person education is best for the majority of all students.
However, if life circumstances exist where virtual instruction is necessary for you/your student, we are here to help.

View the Virtual Self-Assessment Checklist


Synchronous Instruction

The Virtual Learning Program runs live taught classes from 8:50am-1:50pm each school day, with exceptions to this schedule noted in class and via electronic communication.  Virtual attendance is required daily.

Independent Study

In addition to the live taught classes, students are enrolled in 2 Edgenuity independent study courses. These can be completed anytime, however it is recommended that they be worked on each school day from 7:50am-8:50am and 1:50pm-2:50pm.  Students must reach 100% completion and a passing grade in order to receive credit for the Edgenuity independent study courses.


Attendance at extracurricular events or special activities during the school year are encouraged. These events are communicated during live taught classes and via electronic communication.

Enrollment Committment

UHS Virtual Academy enrollment is for the entire school year, and does not equate to in-person enrollment. If you wish to discontinue enrollment in the UHS Virtual Academy, you will need to reapply for University High School, and a seat is not guaranteed.

Accessing Classrooms & Courseware

Edgenuity (E2020)

Edgenuity Courseware uses multimedia and interactive lessons to create an immersive learning experience for students.

Students will be given an E2020 username to access Edgenuity Courseware. To activate your E2020 account click Edgenuity button to be taken to the Student Login Page

Your password will be ferndale

Canvas Learning Center

Assignments, Meeting Links, and Grades will be shared through the Canvas Learning Center.

  1. Use the Learning Center (Canvas) button to access the login screen.
  2. Make sure you’re logged into your school Google account and click login with Google.  Note: if you are on a school-issued Chromebook there is a Canvas Bookmarks button on the upper left corner of the page when you open Google Chrome.
  3. Select the class that you are scheduled to attend.

  4. Click on the blue JOIN button to login for your Live Virtual Meets.
    Google SlideJoining Conference Walkthrough