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November 23, 2022
Bond Proposal Delayed

After reviewing the results of the community survey and speaking with several groups of staff members, our administrative bond team has decided to postpone the bond vote from May 2023 to a later date. This brief postponement will provide our team and the Facilities Planning Committee the time needed to explore some additional concepts as well as avenues to enhance security measures in all of our schools.

While this temporary delay is frustrating, it is the right time for us all to take a step back and fully consider all of the potential bond improvements before collectively deciding on the right plan for the future of Ferndale Schools. Bond opportunities are rare and it is imperative that we ensure we are fully exploring all options before deciding as a community what to invest in. Our financial advisors have also assured us that a temporary delay in the bond vote would have a minimal impact on the potential revenue gained.

The community Town Hall meeting that was set to take place next week is also going to be moved to a later date in early 2023.

November 22, 2022
New Middle School Clubs Beginning in December

New clubs are coming to the Ferndale Library and FMS next month.

  • Middle School Board Game Club
  • Reading Rainbow at Affirmations
    • begins December 13th
    • Open to ages 8-12
    • Affirmations is at 290 W. Nine Mile
    • Register » FADL.org/affirmations
  • Middle School Book Club
    • begins December 19th
    • Register with Mr. Blatt, Room 320
November 21, 2022
Eat Pizza, Feed Families
Little Caeser Fundraising for Blessings in a Backpack

It’s pizza time!

Ferndale Blessings in a Backpack is hosting their annual Little Caesars Pizza Kit fundraiser! Please help feed our students on the program by purchasing pizza kits for yourself, your family and your friends.

Pizza Purchase Link

OR you can become a seller to raise funds and get entered into the $50 raffle! To get started, click here to create your very own Seller page. You can customize your page, upload a video, create an avatar, and watch how many pizza kits you’ve sold. You’ll get your own special link to send to your friends and family so they can buy delicious pizza kits and support our fundraiser. 

Pizza Kits will be delivered directly to their home by FedEx, so send the link to your out of state family and friends, too. You can even post your Seller link on your social media pages. Don’t forget to buy some for yourself!  

If you have any questions, please email FPS teacher Lindsay Gonska at lindsay.gonska@ferndaleschools.org

November 17, 2022
5th Grade Visits Kinder Classroom

On Thursday, Nov. 17th Mrs. Carp's 5th grade class visited Mrs. Tobin's Kindergarten class family. Together the classes read, “I Like Myself” and talked about their own uniqueness. The 5th graders helped the Kinders create their own self-portrait. It was a power hour of making connections, cooperating, and using creativity.



November 14, 2022
FUEL Students Learn the Importance of Inclusion

During October and November, students at FUEL learned the importance of including everyone with Heather Williams (A Special Education teacher and organizer of our PALs program). Students learned about neurological differences and the challenges that some face. We also explored how we are more alike than different. This presentation launches our PALs program, which is a social skills group and after school program. PALs is a program that focuses on planning inclusive activities with students at school and on finding ways to make our city, community and world a better place for everyone!

November 14, 2022
Girls On the Run Finish 5K

Last Sunday, FUEL's Girls on the Run team completed a 3.1 mile run/walk in 30 degree weather! The coaches said, "we are so beyond proud of each and every one of you! We saw each of you push yourself extremely hard. We cannot wait to see what further accomplishments you do inside and outside of running. Great job ladies!" Way to persevere, Eagles!


November 11, 2022
Learn@Lunch is back in full swing at FUEL!

Learn@Lunch is a study hall like program that takes place during each lunch period at FUEL..  Students who need extra time to finish their classroom assignments are signed up by their teachers and then are allowed to bring their lunch and their work to the designated L@L spot in the Media Center to gain an extra 15-20 minutes of work time.  Sometimes students take it upon themselves to attend, which is great!  Also, when possible and conducive to learning, small student led clubs use the space to meet.  So far this year we have an Origami Club, a Nature Club, an Anime Club, a Rock and Crystal Club, and a Percy Jackson Club...with more coming soon!

November 4, 2022
Animals Assemble!
Howell Nature Center Teaches FUEL About Creature Powers

All K-5 elementary students had the opportunity last week to learn from the Howell Nature Center about animals and their "superpowers"!  Our guest speaker from the HNC helped us to learn fun facts about animals, conversation, and all of the many adaptations animals have to help them survive in the wild!  A special thank you to the Ferndale Elementary PTA for funding the assembly once again!

October 31, 2022
Waldos Everywhere!

Ferndale Upper Elementary (FUEL) was filled with wandering waldos on Monday. Staff got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as everyone's favorite world wandering, time traveling puzzle person. And what Waldo page would be complete without a bald eagle, a cow, a space marine, and a magical Madrigal? Hola, Mirabel!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Waldo's name is Wally in his native UK?

October 24, 2022
5th Grade Performs for Montessori "Buddies"

In an effort to build school community this year, every class at FUEL is a buddy classroom for a different grade level class. They will do an activity once a month together. To help build those relationships even further, Ms. Hillebrand (Music Specialist at FUEL) is having the 5th grade classes perform for their buddy classes during the month of October. This allows them to show their skills on recorders and xylophones—an opportunity many missed as fourth graders due to COVID restrictions—in a comfortable setting. The children gain practice at being both performers and audience members. Last Thursday, Ms. Watson's 5th graders performed for the 1st-3rd grade Montessori classroom. They were gracious and wonderful performers. The younger children enjoyed being played to and dancing with, their older schoolmates.

Elementary Field Day Fun

Elementary students met up for Field Day last week and a walkathon. Fun was had by all. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who came out to help and made this day so much fun for the Ferndale Family!


October 6, 2022
Oakland County Offers Mental Health Services to Families

Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) offers a free program that uses a brief self-report screening tool for children and youth (6-17 years), who may display concerning behaviors.

list of concerning behaviors, including: Chronic absences from school; Angry or aggressive outbursts; Legal involvement; Sad mood and/or withdrawn behavior; Unable to follow rules at home, school, or in community

The Oakland Community Health Network is here to help! Through the Mental Health Access and Juvenile Justice Diversion (MHA/JJD) project, Ferndale Schools is able to offer free services including a brief mental health screening (MAYSI-2/PSC) to children ages 6-17. This screening is for any child who may be exhibiting at-risk behaviors such as truancy, suspensions, appearing withdrawn, self-harming, etc. We then provide customized recommendations to the families which may include counseling, psychiatry, mentoring programs, and many more. Contact natalie.kulikowski@ferndaleschools.org for more information.

The OCHN also offers School Navigators to assist any children enrolled in school to connect to Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Substance Use, Mental Health, and/or Autism Services. The Navigators have also been critical in helping families connect with reimbursement programs that can assist with deductibles and co-pays for counseling. The navigators can be contacted at schoolnavigator@oaklandchn.org.