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Editing staff information in the Foxbright CMS is done through the Staff/Users module, at the top of the navigation panel. These videos will walk you through the process if making changes to your building staff in under 3 minutes.

Edit a Staff Member

Add a New Staff Member

Adobe Sign is used to send digital forms for legally binding signatures.

Video Tutorial External Link

To get started, check out this Teacher Onboarding Guide External Link

Or read our Remind Support Page.

Help Center »

Review the Help Center for step-by-step training on basic Remind tasks.

Getting Started For Teachers Video »

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Email George Blankenbaker:

Communications Guidelines

District employees can find the Style Guide, logos, letterheads, and other useful communication tools in the Staff Resources Shared Drive Google Drive. Send a request with a description of your needs if you are unable to access these resources.

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Significant Maintenance or Facilities requests should be made using Maintenance Direct by School Dude.

Login to School Dude at

Self-Directed Learning Directory

Ferndale Schools uses several 3rd-Party applications to support our mission. Most of these applications offer their own Support Ticketing system and Knowledge Base. Those links can be found below.

To add links to this page, contact the Director of Communications.

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a directory of how-tos, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and other self-directed learning resources. Knowledge bases sometimes include user-generated content, which will be moderated by the parent organization.

Support Ticketing

Support Ticketing Systems allow you to send a direct message to the support desk to assist with your issue. To make sure your request is sent to the right person, please check the URL you are viewing at the time of your issue and follow the appropriate link below to reach their support desk. Support links can often be found within the web application itself, as mentioned in your software training.

Tech Glossary

Foxbright logo


For Editing Website Content on

The Foxbright Content Management System (CMS) is a website management tool. Through Foxbright, users can add or delete all manner of content from our website. The CMS uses word processing modules to edit directly, and also directories of data that are displayed using pre-constructed formatting modules. All of these different types of content are called Content Blocks.

Occasionally, content will be embedded on a Foxbright page, which means the content is hosted on another website and is shown on our website within an embedding frame. Content placed into Foxbright in this way will need to be edited in the original source location. We try to minimize the use of embedding, because the frame is very rigid and does not adapt to different screen sizes.

How to Log in to Foxbright

Use the Login with Google button at

ML Schedules

ML Schedules 

For Adding Events to Calendars and Requesting Event Support

ML Schedules allows authorized users to make facility use requests. Options are available to include technology, food service, and additional facility resources (tables, chairs, etc) through ML Schedules.

ML Schedules will update events on the calendars at automatically, through Foxbright CMS.

How to Log in to ML Schedules

Use the Login with Google button at


1.  Approving/Declining Requests

2.  Make a Request

3.  Reports

4.  User Guide



For Communicating Directly to Parents and Students

Remind enables teachers and administrators to send text and links through emails, text messages, and app-based messaging. Messages can be sent to individuals, entire classrooms, entire grade levels, entire buildings, entire districts, or any custom group.

How to Log in to REMIND

Login to Remind at

School Dude

School Dude — Maintenance Direct

For Maintenance and Major Facility Requests

Maintenance Direct is used to request facilities support for your building. Minor requests can be communicated to your maintenance team directly, but significant maintenance or facilities requests, such as clearing a room of all furniture or repairing a broken HVAC unit, should be made using Maintenance Direct by School Dude.

How to Log in to Maintenance Direct

Login to School Dude at