Virtual Learning

Creating a culturally responsive experience while learning from a distance is critical. Ferndale Schools has made and will continue to make student well-being a priority, by striving to help students feel safe, connected, and valued while engaging in learning at a distance. Our staff will be responsive to both the academic and social-emotional needs of their students and have clear understanding about one way and two way communications to build and maintain connections. Each school within the district developed a collective plan based on developmentally appropriate guidelines, essential standards of learning, and the needs of their school family.

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School Resources and Classroom Links

Ferndale Early Childhood Center

At the Ferndale Early Childhood Center, their plan moving forward as of April 14, 2020 is a collective approach across the variety of programs within the center. The plan was intentionally designed with the family in mind and provides a wealth of learning through the eyes of a child and family.

Ferndale Early Childhood Center Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Ferndale Lower Elementary School

Ferndale Lower Elementary Campus houses students in Grades Kindergarten through Second Grade. The mixed media plan involved a collective, coherent grade level team approach to ensure equitable opportunities for all students. An Elementary Family Guide by grade level was provided to families allowing students to pick 2 to 3 activities a day to support their learning. This is in direct alignment to our Whole Child approach.

Ferndale Lower Elementary Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Ferndale Lower Elementary Family Activity Guide, 2nd Grade Example

Virtual Learning School Page - Lower Elementary

Ferndale Upper Elementary School

Ferndale Upper Elementary Campus is home to students in third through fifth grade. The mixed media plan involved a collective, coherent grade level team approach to ensure equitable opportunities for all students. Grade level plans were distributed to families and provide specific information on how to chunk learning opportunities throughout the day and evening.

Ferndale Upper Elementary Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Ferndale Lower Elementary Family Activity Guide, Grades 3-5

Google Classroom Codes - PDF List PDF Document

K-5 Art Website

K-5 Gym/PE Website


Pommereau - syhzmnm

3rd Grade

Grzesik - ug6a44n

Gonska - 6ceqvkr

Nagaj - x2hrdrp

Prince - xf7izb7

Trolinger - h43ksbw

Wren - s7qo67v

4th Grade

Burgess - 5odpzxb

Gjonaj - wv34qhf

Harris - bkzdclo

Lusk - t3d2gxe

Murrell - 7lpgs5r

5th Grade

Carp - 2k4mrut

Davis - cy7wjx7


  • Team Blue - 2z33m3x
  • Team Green - mswexqh


  • Sugar Rush - uw4usso
  • Top Notch - propfpu

Woodwinds - q3ngyfd

Brass/Percussion - jaejavm​​​​​​​

5th Grade Orchestra

Ferndale Middle School

Ferndale Middle School is a 6th through 8th grade campus that took this opportunity to provide opportunities for essential standards in traditional and project based approaches. Students and families have been provided subject based opportunities to ensure improvement, intervention, and enrichment opportunities.

Ferndale Middle School Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Google Classroom Codes

To assist with student learning during the ongoing building closures, all teachers have set up online learning environments for students. Google Classroom codes are listed below. Please contact your student's teacher if you have any questions. You can find their information below or in the Staff Directory.

Adams, Derek

  • SPN 1A: 5sdneh3
  • SPN 1B: gpntrs2
  • Computer Coding: 6p342bz

Bates, Jasmine

  • Coming Soon

Blatt, Aaron

  • Coming Soon

Bruner, Sandra

  • Coming Soon

Burke, Timothy 

  • 7th Band: vyk3kaj
  • 8th Band: qc8viu
  • 6th Orchestra: kz1hr5

Cole, Hannah

  • Coming Soon

Coram, Samantha

  • 7th Grade: sbr3kaj
  • 8th Grade: ithxtdy

Evans, Akilah

  • 1st Hour: 6cmuwer
  • 2nd Hour: 2qhnyfx
  • 3rd Hour: mwbqxjq
  • 6th Hour: 4kv5gba
  • 7th Hour: wbpnhsf
  • Impact Hour: vb3nlzd

Ferrini, Mary

  • Coming Soon

Garlow, David

  • 5th Hour PE:  ejldq7k
  • 7th Hour PE:  5xtvfbd

Gearns, Katherine

  • Coming Soon

Guerra, Bridget

  • 1st Hour (7th Grade): mjgkwdr
  • 2nd Hour (8th Grade): uj2aljw
  • 3rd Hour (8th Grade): bkkxpla
  • 5th Hour (8th Grade): sutiddc
  • 7th Hour (7th Grade): 64vm224

Haddad, Rachel

  • Math 8:  stojwl6
  • Honors Algebra: er6lsax

Harvey, Theresa

  • 1st Hour: wueu66a
  • 2nd Hour: plwp5md
  • 4th Hour: af4t4sa, 
  • 5th Hour: ylerjkl
  • 6th Hour: zt24dar
  • 7th Hour: eusnzmk

Huff, Michael

  • 1st & 2nd Hour: emhpn3o
  • 3rd Hour: fz3ydmp
  • 5th & 6th Hour: golnuib

Jamison, Elon

  • 6th Grade Band: tkldp2s

Jeffrey, Scott

ALL students should have the Google Slides linked in their FPS student accounts!

  • 1st HR World History:  3q6726s
  • 2nd HR World History:  5nfhnlq
  • 5th HR World Geography:  jsvvawm
  • 6th HR World Geography:  j6poskk
  • 7th HR World History:  6d5wq4g

Klaper, Caitlin

  • 2nd Hour Tech: pmbrtow
  • 3rd Hour ELA: qfz3osl
  • 5th Hour Tech: jt54pct
  • 6th Hour ELA: emsde3s
  • 7th Hour DIgital Media: b6dfpkm

Morden, Michelle

  • Coming Soon

Moy, Benjamin

  • 7th grade orchestra: cdca3rs
  • 8th grade orchestra: ytie2pi

Murdock, David

  • 7-8th Honors Algebra 1: wisoj5b
  • 8th Social Studies: 5hotth6

Niculescu, Mihaela

  • 1st hour: yiczbf

Perri, Angela

  • 1st Hour LRC: ktr3ddl
  • 6th Hour LRC:  kzka3u6

Philip, Jeena

  • Coming Soon

Piornack, Richard

  • Coming Soon

Plotkin, Hannah

  • Coming Soon

Schroeder, Kimberly

  • 1st Hour Choir:  ncafr5d
  • 3rd Hour Choir:  uzy3ulz

Sigler, Michael

  • 1st Hour: mtv65dp
  • 3rd Hour: uerb3fg
  • 5th Hour: gpa5tn5
  • 6th Hour: 5w5ko7r

Smith-Maurer, Melissa

  • 2nd Hour Drama:  t6rojve

Tousignant, Lori

  • 5th hour - j5v6l2r
  • 6th hour - 6gwit7k
  • 7th hour - fw26lv5

Turner, Michael

  • Spanish 1A: d6rjhg2
  • Spanish 1B: fspd6fi

Warkoczeski, Anthony

  • x4d64ox

Whinham, Janet

  • Coming Soon

Zold, Elaine

  • 6th social studies: f5x5prq
  • 7th Avid: beuznfl

Ferndale High School

Ferndale High School is our largest school setting that houses 9th to 12th grade students. Students have been provided specific expectations to continue to improve on their learning priorities and how to take this time for an opportunity to improve short and long term goals. Subject based teams worked collaboratively to ensure students had flexibility, agency and voice to complete targeted, specific skills as well as specific courses. This plan has embedded thoughtful ways for students to learn and prioritize self awareness, self management, and responsible decision making skills necessary for today and future success.

Ferndale High School Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Google Classroom Codes

To assist with student learning during the ongoing building closures, all teachers have set up online learning environments for students. Google Classroom codes are listed below. Please contact your student's teacher if you have any questions. You can find their information below or in the Staff Directory.

Berris, Jacqueline 

  • English 12: brieafh
  • LRCxxesua6
  • CT English 10: kfby5ni
  • CT English 9: ow2b7ly

Dunlap, Ryan

  • Biology 2nd hour: pi6zjjn
  • Chemistry 3rd hour: v3iz3l6
  • Biology 5th hour: patjw2o
  • Chemistry 6th hour: sdhjvxo
  • Honors Bio. 7th hour: 3ry6w3d

Durkacs, Andrew

  • Algebra 2: k2jkcht
  • Geometry: nyf37w7
  • Personal Finance: uii5t6m

Garlow, David

  • 6th Hour PE: peg4q3w

Gearns, Katherine

  • wtp3afh

Gizicki, Stephanie

  • 2nd Hour3nfgurd
  • 3rd Hourjbnacm7 
  • 5th Hournylb313
  • 6th Hourb7jsa4h
  • 7th Hourqtf2t7z

Gordon, Karen

  • 2nd Hourmlex33m
  • 3rd Hourpfmqsf5
  • 4th hour5x5wwjk
  • 5th Houreofjvg5
  • 6th Hour7nluwvd
  • 7th Houruesvwik

Gregg, Casey

  • 1st Hour41sxtdl
  • 2nd Hourun7khob
  • 3rd Hourkwy7bcx
  • 6th Hour7nmwe5r
  • 7th Hourxs4a2az

Haddad, Rachel

  • Honors Algebra: er6lsax
  • Strategic Math (FHS 9th Grade): bvumco4

Hand, Michael

  • Geometry: mfbxyd7
  • Algebra 1: oer56bx

Henderson, Robert

  • APUSHexwnslo
  • CIVICS: tggtzp5
  • Detroit Hist: 56ybksu

Huyck, Marcus

  • Coming Soon

Jamison, Elon

  • Symphony Band: mhhxkiq
  • Wind Ensemble: 3ywrhwj

Johnstone, Stella

  • Sculpture: 32vc5im
  • Photography: zudvd6a
  • Art Foundations: napxes5
  • AP Art and Design: iqviae6
  • Art and Photography Club: ugzcvnp

Kelly, Brian

  • AP Calculus AB: qc2h4gk
  • Honors Algebra 2: k956on
  • Ext Algebra 1-4: dlbnpyc
  • Ext. Algebra 1-2: 5gojypi

Lalone, Matthew

  • 1st Hour PreCalc6ltwuwq
  • 3rd Hour ExtAlg1yzcxi6d
  • 5th Hour Geo: shez3ap
  • 6th Hour ExtAlg1e7uo4b3
  • 7th Hour Geo: sdgd23a

LoPiccolo, Julia

  • Spanish 2 1stvj4jaib
  • Spanish 2 2ndfy5zil
  • Spanish ⅘ 5thnd4azz5
  • Spanish 3 6thvj47mh3
  • Spanish 3 7thl3qdbzj

Lopiccolo, Shannon 

  • PreCalculus6lnv6uq
  • Honors PreCalculuskbciikf
  • Algebra 1: eadyldx

MacKenzie, Jennifer

  • 1st hour - ENG 12 - ibzvlis
  • 2nd hour -ENG 10 -punosr5
  • 3rd Hour- ENG 12 -vboknya
  • 5th Hour - ENG 10 -birlru2
  • 7th Hour- ENG 9 - mvespib

Maes, Alison

  • College Bio 3b8wiv
  • Honors Bio dnwslx
  • STEM ntxj5e

McNally, Patrick

  • LRCsrvl4s5
  • CoT BIO: klbsmlf
  • CoT US History: c25wvic
  • CoT Geometry: mfbxyd7
  • CoT Personal Finance: uii5t6m

Mell, Jacob

  • Spanish 1: cbbesg7
  • Spanish 2: 5bfgdnf

Morrison, Rachel

  • 1st hour AP: bjfl7mr
  • 3rd hour AP: dvxjqmq
  • 5th hour Cr. Wtgneejnz5
  • 6th hour Eng 10: kfby5ni
  • 7th hour Eng 10: xbzu2x4

Moy, Benjamin

  • Concert orchestra: qun46gh
  • Symphony orchestra: ydy6s62

Murphy, Christine

  • 1st hour Bio 2: ukt3l3e
  • 3rd hour Bio 2: klbsmlf
  • 5th hour For Sci: jgrsxkq
  • 6th hour Bio 2: qrcv3w6
  • 7th hour Eco: oe62afd


  • 6th hour ELL English: 07xfpjg
  • 7th hour ELL Support: qpox3ox

Oliver, Charlotte

  • School Store Operations- 454gdpp
  • Business Management 2- 6cphlze

Pagonas, James

  • 1st hour ELA 11: n6y6vts
  • 2nd hour ELA 9: bfi3mk3
  • 3rd hour ELA 11:ru2dxog
  • 5th hour ELA 9: a77cf5e
  • 7th hour ELA 11:zqdpox2


  • Coming Soon

Plotkin, Hannah

  • Peer 2 Peer: qiwd3py

Roulo, Kylie

  • 1st Hour AP Lang: 7c73xxm
  • 3rd Hour H. ELA 9: p77oary
  • 5th Hour ELA 11: vg3g76l
  • 6th Hour H. ELA 9: 57hbpxi
  • 7th Hour AP Lang: qauqcxu

Santilli, Danielle

  • Comp Apps 3rd hour: f6yyk6r
  • Comp Apps 6th Hour: dwekrkx
  • PLTW:IEDm36euxp

Schroeder, Kimberly

  • 2nd hour Bel Canto: gwyrirj
  • 7th hour Concert Choir: w77eyev

Smith, Cassandra


  • 1st jewelry: kbibdob
  • 2nd drawing/painting: 73aj5jh
  • 5th design: wvqtuhp


  • B hour photography: iwro7md
  • C hours Sculpture: tn5a4cp

Smith-Maurer, Melissa

  • 3rd hour Movie Making:  fylmkvr
  • Theatre 1: 5o3jisx

Telesford, Maurice

  • Coming Soon

Turner, Michael

  • Spanish 1: lo75gbw

Veresh, Tracy

  • 1st hour Global Chem: dfzy3sv
  • 2nd hour Global Chem: lleiu5n
  • 3rd hour Global Chem: qoaui74
  • 5th hour honors: u27d6pf

Welborn, Scott

  • AP Gov:  2v5u5y3
  • Civics:  qyijcl6
  • World History P1:  53n4cqc
  • World History P2:  dcepavp
  • World History P3:  b72fio4

Whalen, Todd

  • Economics: lqgaqut
  • U.S.: olvgtmx 
  • AP Micro: zhanmn7

Whinham, Janet

  • N/A

Whitton, Sean

  • 1st hour US: c25wvic
  • 2nd hour US: yjkyeph
  • 3rd hour US: 2mbchlb
  • 6th hour Heroes: fhg4zkk
  • 7th hour AP Euro: rr4f3ml

Engles-Catallo, Alexandria (SLP)

  • Coming Soon


University High School

University High School also serves students in 9th through 12th grade who live beyond the boundaries of Ferndale School district, but want a school setting that ensures a safe, positive school culture with social emotional learning at the core of their secondary mindset. The leadership team at UHS developed a remote, mixed media support plan to ensure all students had opportunities to continue to learn, grow, and prioritize independent learning goals.

University High School Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Google Classroom Codes

To assist with student learning during the ongoing building closures, all teachers have set up online learning environments for students. Google Classroom codes are listed below. Please contact your student's teacher if you have any questions. You can find their information below or in the Staff Directory.

Brimacombe, Brooke

  • English 9: isc4ddk
  • English 11H: 4hwqwzc

Bryant, Sherri

  • DM1 o5yp5d
  • DM3 dwvzoop
  • DM4 mn55emn
  • DM5 s3qmluo
  • DM7 cq765pe

Cook, Grace

  • 1st Hour: jogplne
  • 3rd Houreclpf2t
  • 5th Hour: 4wl6esz
  • 6th Hour: mdphhvj
  • 7th Hour: yebqsqn

Exelby, David

  • English 10: u4kzx3m
  • US History:  uavfiss
  • English 12: gkphbf7

Gillespie, Liz

  • Economics=2j2kdtf
  • Civics=ryryy3o
  • U.S. History=44y7g5o
  • Legal Studies=54iriue

Goodson, Amanda

  • 1st: j4463tp
  • 2nd2szz4my
  • 4thw62zdgm
  • 5thkl6zqub
  • 6thqy834hb
  • 7thlzvqe74
  • Class of 202054p2b2l

Handyside, Leslie

  • 1st: 3k6vn6w
  • 3rd: oaglziz
  • 4th: lgo3xuw
  • 5th: yme7cvg
  • 6th: wbxwql4
  • 7th: brncav4

Haynes, Sosha

  • Chemistry: a5od5w4
  • Physics: gvop7vz 
  • Forensics: Owr5n2q 
  • Sport Science: 2rcugvu

Hester, Desdan

  • PE: bskirut
  • Health: bskriut
  • Exercise Fitness: bskirut

Kleven, Ryan

  • Senior Composition: yucys7q
  • Public Speaking: c4htth
  • Strategic Reading: n4cn4c3
  • CPC: axw7j6r
  • Newspaper: otpyn4q

Maki, Kenton

  • 1st: 5ypu5vf
  • 4th: 42n3a47
  • 5th: 2i6yud5
  • 6th: 4zeeyyf
  • 7th: 5m33ynu

McCormick, Tara

  • 2nd - es5ft2w
  • 3rd - fmxdts 
  • 4th - ifkasmw 
  • 5th - h07q2p 
  • 6th - ydu7m0g 
  • 7th - syd46ko

McLaren, Heather

  • 1st - mqxs3c5
  • 2nd - xst4dck
  • 3rd - ussufhr
  • 4th - yd6jfxm
  • 5th - b5z4vn4
  • 6th - nqqz4zu
  • 7th - mf47xah

Patterson, Julie

  • Entrepreneurship - ut6ywkw
  • Personal Finance - cqd5yfk 
  • Computer Science - 2bsfdzs 
  • Leadership - dbo276k

Pickett, Kevin

  • 1st: mv2lnx3
  • 2nd:nt6ha63
  • 3rd:guqou4o
  • 5th:slndqg6
  • 6th:335qfnw
  • 7th:e2em4ck

Riley, Kirsten

Rodgers, Sarah

  • 1st Hour: rbqsjum
  • 3rd Hour: e6batb4
  • 4th Hour: e6batb4
  • 6th Hour: rbqsjum
  • 7th Hour: e6batb4

Shamaoun, Iskandar

  • 1st Hour: j3kuu5j
  • 3rd Hourzdr41pu
  • 4th Hour: 9ex9fq
  • 6th Hour: swog9u
  • 7th Hour: qrtbc8

Stuart, Mackenzie

  • Computer Science: ftotkwg
  • World History: 25vrqy4
  • U.S. History: xrhxoj7

Thomas, Lauren

  • Chemistry: a5od5w4
  • Physics: gvop7vz

Tootikian-Hachigian, Patricia

  • Senior Counseling: ri6wjg

Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-TALK

Wilson, Jovaughn

  • Pre-Calc 1st and 4th Hour: vnssw3c
  • College Algebra 3rd and 5th Hour: mugafhg

Tri-County Educational Center

Tri-County Educational Center (TCEC) is an innovative high school for students who need an alternative setting (ages 14 - 21) and adult students aged 22+. The school supports learning in a variety of ways through online and blended learning opportunities. The staff and administrators at TCEC were able to move easily to remote and online opportunities utilizing current tech platforms. There was only a tweak in services, but the team took the opportunity to leverage current practices to ensure all students are and will be supported.

Tri-County Educational Center Support Plan, Student/Family Overview

Special Education

The Ferndale Special Education department has worked in collaboration and partnership with building-level and discipline area teams, general education teachers/staff and building principals district-wide to ensure the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for students age 3-26 with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and Early On and Early Intervention services to 0-3 year old students and their families during the COVID-19 school closure period. The Ferndale Schools Special Education Support plan provides specific and consistent guidelines for the provision of special education programs, services and supports during the COVID-19 school closure period, developed in compliance with IDEA and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE). Ferndale’s Special Education Support plan ensures focused,detailed, and consistent documentation to demonstrate their good faith effort in meeting the requirements of the IDEA and MARSE in a distance learning environment. 

Ferndale Special Education Support Plan, Family Overview

Ferndale’s Support plans have been developed collectively including essential teachers, specialists, resource room teachers supporting inclusion efforts, and leadership team members. Ferndale Schools strongly believe that supporting students through art, music, physical education, world languages, athletics, and inclusive opportunities are a natural part of supporting the growth of the whole child.

Managing & Monitoring Student Learning

Following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-35, all attendance procedures will be suspended. However, students and families are encouraged to participate in the flexible, multimedia learning opportunities developed in support of learning. 

As of March 13, 2020 Ferndale has moved to a credit/no credit grading system. Holding students/families harmless in terms of grades in a remote learning environment. To support an infinite mindset and focus on students' social emotional skills all plans were devised to empower, motivate, and encourage a growth mindset where the activities promote learning. 

Ferndale Credit/No-Credit Grading Policy

Ferndale Credit/No-Credit Secondary Flow Chart

Within each instructional plan teachers have developed flexible ways to connect, support, and provide feedback to students. Students have been provided a wealth of choice in how to share their learning and we look forward to their creativity to take pride in their agency and voice.

Within each instructional plan teachers have expectations on connecting with students through one way and two way communication platforms and maintain a record of connection, progress and support through a communication log. With the use of Google classroom has one of our strongest platforms we will also be able to see the timestamp of students' individual work and progress promoting their self management and responsible decision making skills. This is just another way to encourage, support, and challenge our students to do the best they can under these circumstances. 

Ferndale One Way & Two Way Supports

In addition, knowing the impact this remote learning will have on all students Ferndale staff members are working diligently to devise intentional support plans for the Summer and Fall of 2020.

Instructional Expectations