Not sure if First Fives is right for you? How is it different? Here's a few answers to some common questions about the program.

  • Teacher Qualifications

  • Cost

  • Calendar

  • Bell Schedule

  • Transportation

  • Lunch

  • School Age Child Care

What are the Teacher's qualifications?

All teachers are fully certified and highly-qualified for the subject or class instructed. The First 5s teacher will instruct both the morning and afternoon sessions. Our First Fives teacher has a strong background in early childhood and elementary education.

Does it cost anything?

Nope. First 5s is a FREE program in either the full- or half-day sessions.

Is the Calendar the same as traditional Kindergarten?

Yes. First 5s follows the Ferndale Schools district calendar with students attending school five days a week.

Is the Bell Schedule the same as traditional Kindergarten?

The students’ day begins at the same time as all other students in the building. Half day students are dismissed prior to the start of the student lunch hour. Full day students are dismissed with all students in the school at the end of the school day.

Can my student ride the bus?

Full-day First 5 students are eligible to ride a school bus to and from school where district transportation is available. Half-day students may ride the bus to school only (where district transportation is available) and parents are responsible to pick their child up each day prior to the start of the lunch hour.

Can my student get lunch and food services at school?

Students enrolled in the full-day First 5s program are eligible to eat lunch at school. Just as all students, they may bring their lunch or purchase a hot lunch. If eligible, full-day students may participate in the free and/or reduced lunch program. Half-day students are dismissed prior to the start of the lunch hour and do not each lunch at school.

How about Latchkey or School-Aged Child Care?

Ferndale Public Schools offers a fee-based before and/or after school latchkey program. Full-day First 5s students are welcome to participate in both before- and after-school programs. Half-day students may participate in the before-school program only.