FMS Traffic Guidelines

Safety is our collective responsibility, especially when arriving to and departing from our Pinecrest Campus. We can protect ourselves and our neighbors by allowing ample arrival time and observing our surroundings. For the safety of all, please adhere to the following guidelines.

FMS Traffic Map

Traffic Lanes

There are three traffic lanes directly to the north or front of FMS. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Traffic Signs


Directly behind the parked cars are the other two connected lanes:
The outermost is the Passing Lane (left side).


Directly behind the parked cars are the other two connected lanes:

the innermost of the two is the Drop-off / Pick-up lane (right side)


The lane nearest the school building is for bus traffic only (Sign posted), at all times. The bus lane has a sidewalk on each side of it for foot traffic. The sidewalk south of the bus lane is for student traffic. The sidewalk north of the bus lane is for staff and individuals parked in the North (Gold) lot.

Exiting Campus

Leaving the Traffic Area

Please remember, once your student/s has safely exited the passenger side of the vehicle (preference of Administration for student safety), the vehicle may appropriately move out of the drop-off/pick-up lane and enter the Passing Lane to exit the lot.  Movement from the Drop lane to the Passing Lane may occur at any point as long as safety is the primary consideration.

Leaving the Parking Lot

The left lane is required to turn left toward Central while the right lane is required to turn right toward Pinecrest.

Movement onto Marshall is subject to a number of factors including:

  1. all foot and pedestrian traffic

  2. general vehicle traffic flow already on Marshall

  3. vehicles turning out of the light and onto Marshall

  4. the length of the stop light

to name just a few.

Be Careful & Considerate

Consideration of one another and our individual efforts, on a daily basis, will be the most effective way to put forth the best opportunity to guarantee the overall safety of every participant.