Bus Routes

University High School offers limited busing for to our location at 2521 Bermuda (Coolidge Building). Spots are limited. Preference will be given to students in 9th and 10th grade. Please review the map below and tentative pick-up times. 

#1 - Model T Plaza

(Between W. McNichols and Davison Fwy)

91 Manchester St., Highland Park.  Pick Up: 7:10 am 

Drop-Off: 3:15 pm

#2 - All Saints Episcopal Church

(7 Mile, west of Livernois)

3837 West 7 Mile, Detroit.

Pick Up: 7:12 am

Drop-off: 3:18 pm

#3 - Oasis of Hope Church

(7 Mile, west of Woodward)

933 West 7 Mile, Detroit.

Pick Up: 7:16 am

Drop-Off: 3:21 pm

#4 - McDonald's Lot

(within Mejier complex)

1321 8 Mile, Detroit.

Pick Up: 7:20 am

Drop-Off: 3:23 pm


Pick-Up/Drop-Off Zones

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Zones

Student drop off and pick up must head east on Oakridge Ave from Woodward Ave, turn right (south) to enter the pick-up drop-off lane from Oak Ridge, and exit left onto Drayton St. Entering the parking lot or turning right (west) into Drayton St toward Woodward is not permitted. Turning left (west) onto Oakridge off of Bermuda St while heading north is not permitted. Parking, stopping or standing on Bermuda St, or on Drayton St or Oakridge Ave west of Bermuda is not permitted.